What inspires Andrea Currie -- the Craft Wars Champ?

Posted by Jessica

Rockstarandrea200Think you could craft with your significant other? Maybe even write a book with them? Andrea Currie – Craft Wars Champ and incredibly creative designer – and her husband Cliff did just that in their new book The Crafter’s Book Of Clever Ideas. Thumb through the pages of this he said/she said craft book and you’re sure to find fun projects for everyone in the family. Learn more about what inspires Andrea, her thoughts on what’s trending in the craft world and why it’s better to craft with a buddy!

How would you define your personal crafting style and what’s the inspiration for it?

My personal design style is bright, colorful and kitschy. Most people know me for my obsession with sparkle and my fearless use of color. If my creations make people smile (or even better laugh), then I know I’ve done a great job.


Your book The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas is from both you and your husband. What is it like working together on projects?

I do a lot of work with my husband, Cliff. Our book is fun because we both put our unique spin on a concept or common material and we don’t hold back on our opinions about our respective creations. So you get a plethora of great projects with the bonus of marital banter ;) It’s a lot of fun and allows us to reach many different types of crafters, especially men who are far and few between in the craft world.

Tell us more about Hand Make My Day.

Hand Make My Day came to fruition after we created a kicky little internet craft show which I hosted and Cliff directed. We learned a lot from that show but mostly that people really responded to Cliff’s antics and our silly dynamic. Eventually, we moved to a blog format, which made it easier to document our He said/She said follies in crafting, DIY and ruining things in our house that were perfectly fine in the first place.

How did Craft Wars change how you approach things?


I swear they made Craft Wars for me. I used to be so competitive with myself. I had a period of about 4 years where I was unable to create anything unless it was some sort of challenge, such as up cycling bottle caps into a table or making candles with tops of plastic bottles. Needless to say, my obsession with weird materials, strange color palettes and crazy deadlines paid off when I saw the casting notice for Craft Wars.

Even though I had spent many years seemingly preparing myself for Craft Wars, it turned out to be so much more intense than I could have ever imagined. I feel incredibly lucky that I had my crafty BFF Lisa Fulmer helping me glitter and glue my way to the top. All in all, it was a once in a lifetime experience that taught me to enjoy the crafty journey at a slower pace.

How did you get started?

I have always been creative, but the Girl Scouts really gave me a platform that let my creativity thrive. I loved creating with anything and everything. Pony beads, pearler beads, paper and crayons, feather, and of course glitter! As I got older I found myself in a very technology driven world which was “ok” but could have been better with some sparkle. So, after a long day at work I would come home and find happiness in crafting up cute cards. It was great stress relief, which I shared with a group of girlfriends every month. My monthly craft nights started the wave of me digging in and getting to know people in the craft industry. It was an amazing transition and I became very dedicated to it. It took a lot of time, but it was completely worth it. I have met the most amazing people who championed for me along my wacky journey to the top of crafty mountain.

superglitteryhelmetpurple200What is your FAVORITE project?

My favorite of my personal project is my glittered helmet. People always honk when I drive by so it’s kind of fun. Blinging out my bike is next but I have to find a rhinestone sponsor for that project first! Any takers?

What is the biggest trend you’ve seen in the craft world in the past couple years?

I love the fact that unicorns are staying strong. They are kitschy and play off of the nostalgia of the 80’s. Speaking of the 80’s….. How about those neon colors? WOWZA! The best part about the crafting business, today, is how the younger generations are enjoying products and techniques created long ago. Rainbow loom, tie-dye, pearler beads and the list goes on. Walking into Michaels is like walking back into summer camp in 1988. I LOVE IT!


ModMeltBreakfastkeychains300What new products are out that you really like?


Mod Melts and the Mod Melter from Plaid are so cool. It looks like a glue stick and you just choose a color and pipe it into a mod melt mold, then -- voila -- a minute later you have a cool charm to use!

What advice do you have for people interested in crafting?

First off everyone should be interested in crafting or being creative in some way shape or form. The benefits of creating run far beyond having something cool to show to your friends. I recommend crafting with a buddy, spouse or family member. It’s a fun experience to create something with somebody you love. Cliff and I are proof of that!

What is the next type of craft or project you want to try?

I’m really, really into resin crafts both with Mod Melts and with regular casting resin. I am looking to do a lot more charms. And, we’re doing a big project in our kitchen, which will require us to make resin handles and knobs! So, this year feels like a resin year.

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