Butterfly Garden

Posted by Autumn

It's not too late to lure beautiful butterflies to your backyard. If it's too hot to dig and plant an entire butterfly garden, you can create smaller gardens in large planter pots. The trick is to use a mix of perrenial and annual plants that attract butterflies. Here are just a few of the many types of plants that attract butterflies and feed the caterpillars.

Annual Aster


This lovely, hardy  plant flowers from late summer to early winter. The stalks are about 12 inches tall--perfect for garden borders.


Your herb garden can also be your butterfly garden! Fennel, dill, parsley, mint and clover can feed your butterflies and their caterpillars.


These colorful flowers are easy to care for. And as an added bonus, the flowers and the leaves are edible! Feed yourself and your butterfly friends.


Peonies are bright puffs of color and a lovely addition to any garden, however, they require a cold winter season in order to flower.

Purple Cone Flower

Also known as echinacea, this flower is cultivated both for bee and butterfly feeding and for herbal medicine.


You can also create a butterfly feeder using a glass jar, cotton ball, string, and fabric. A lovely tutorial is available at Mother Rising. 


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  • company offshore 11 years 122 days ago
    These butterfly garden plants will attract monarch butterflies and other butterflies to your garden.