My take on a Fall Wreath -- Who needs directions?

Posted by Chaya C

As a total beginner, I am really proud at how this bad boy came out.

Nothing ushers in the holiday spirit quicker than doing seasonal crafts!  Living in Florida I have never really had a "real" winter.  All my life I have dreamt of a snowy wonderland, and in return I usually just get a few weeks of having 50 degree days.

Winter in Florida is my favorite time of the year and nothing kicks it off better than searching for seasonal inspiration.  This year I walked around Jo-Ann's and found something to get me in the fall mood.  As soon as I came across the DIY wreath project I knew I had found the perfect project to help me get my winter spirit rolling in.

I am a big fan of pictures and a small fan of actually reading directions.  So, surprise surprise I skimmed through the project steps and bought the wrong Deco Mesh ... so that means I will just have to improvise.

After watching a couple YouTube videos about how to create a deco mesh wreath and incorporating the steps from the Jo-Ann's project, I decided that the best way to make this wreath would be to wing it.  Here are some pics of my masterpiece in progress.

[gallery ids="3805,3803,3802,3804,3801,3800,3798,3799,3791,3797,3796,3795,3794,3793,3792"]


So, did I have fun?  YES.  Would I do it again? YES.  Did I learn anything? Absolutely!

Here is a list of things I learned from my first experience doing a DIY craft project:

  1. Make sure you read the directions before buying supplies.

  2. Make sure you follow the steps on the directions correctly.

  3. Ignore steps 1 & 2 and do whatever you want!

Directions should just be suggestions, do what inspires you.  And remember, nothing can ever have too much bling!  And most importantly, Happy Fall!

What craft projects are you doing to welcome the season?

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