DIY Mother's Day Painted Flower Pot

Posted by Marcea

Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away (it’s May 10th this year, in case you forgot). Moms love homemade gifts from their children, but everyone wants a gift to be something they could use again. For the mom who loves potted plants or gardening, how about making her a painted terracotta pot? You can use any variety of colors and stencils to fit Mom’s taste and this craft is easy enough that children can do it, with some adult supervision. Paint the pot in a completely unique way; she’ll love that you made it and that it’s something she’ll be able to use over and over again.


Mother's Day Blog_supplies pic

  • Terracotta flower pot
  • Outdoor paint for terracotta (select two contrasting colors – one for the base and the other for the stenciling)
  • Stencils
  • Foam applicators
  • Small brush (if your stencil has a smaller design)
  • Paper plate
  • Newspaper to protect your work area




  1. Using a foam applicator, apply paint to the outside of the pot and the top inside of the pot. Let it dry. If you’d like deeper color paint another coat of the base color and let dry.  We painted ours three times to get this deep eggplant color.  Mother's Day Blog_fully painted

  2. You don't need to paint all the way to the bottom of the inside of the pot; just paint the top portion where it might be seen with the plant inside.

  3. Place your stencil on the pot. Put your second color on the paper plate and add a little water, if needed.

  4. Using a foam applicator, begin applying the paint to the stencil in a circular motion from the outside of the stencil inward. Continue around the pot.Mother's Day Blog_stenciling

  5. Mother's Day Blog_stenciling2Lift the stencil immediately after painting (so the stencil doesn't get stuck).  If you need to, move the stencil to a new spot on the pot and repeat.

  6. If your stenciling isn't perfect or completely colored in, don't worry.  We left our flowers so that they looked a little rustic.

  7. Let the pot dry completely. Spray with a clear sealer, if desired.

  8. Put a plant or potted flowers into the pot and enjoy.






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