Bedazzled Graduation Cap

Posted by Chaya C



Here's a fun and easy craft to help you or your loved one make a big statement on their big day!

It's crazy to think about how I have been in school my entire life and now it has suddenly come to a close.  I can hardly believe that I am finally graduating college and that it is time for me to start my career.  I always have to go out in style, so I decided to decorate my graduation cap with a little flair and a lot of bling.IMG_5526



Graduation Cap


7 Packs of Self Adhesive Pearls (I only used 6, but in case they fall out I have extra)

Stick on Letters

Hot Glue Gun

Scrapbook Paper


Step 1:


Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the size of the cap.

Step 2:


Line the piece of paper with self adhesive pearls.

Step 3:


Ask your super awesome co-worker to help you cut out a whole for the tassel to fit through.

Step 4:


Make sure that you compliment her the whole time and remind her how uncoordinated you are and how much you appreciate her being so artsy.

Step 5:


Hot glue the scrapbook paper to the top of the cap.

Step 6:


Add a touch of decoration to the center button for an extra pop!

Step 7:


Google tutorials on how to make a bow and be so confused that you eventually just wing it and create a bow your own way.

Step 8:


Marvel at how perfect and beautiful your bow turned out!

Step 9:


Hot glue the bow onto the cap.

Step 10:


Stick letters to the bow to form any word or initials that you desire.


Everyone asks me why I put a "?" behind "Bye".  It is because I am unsure of where I want to go in life, whether it is going back to school for longer or even just exploring the world.  I don't want to be tied down to just doing one thing, so I put a question mark there to leave the future open for myself.

Graduating was an experience I will never forget, and I am so thankful that my family and friends were there to experience the end of this time in my life with me.


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  • wendy 8 years 300 days ago
    BRAVO, Chaya! Wherever you choose to go on this "road" of life, I wish you all the best! ♥ wendy
  • Reuben Cardonick 8 years 301 days ago
    Chaya Serena means serene life. I sure hope you fit the name. Your mom and I named you that before you were born. I think we were right on. Love always your dad. I am so proud of you. You have made my life complete.