What Inspires Debrah Block Krol - the Wearable Art Designer?

Posted by Chaya C


Colors, textures, nature… These are just a few of the things that Debrah Block Krol loves. We were lucky enough to take a peek into the life of this amazing fabric artist and learn about the beautiful wearable art that she creates.


1db612_4546506b12de4ddd9a4aa5bfcb4dc956.jpg_srb_p_400_400_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbHow did you get into creating wearable art?

With my training in painting and love of sewing and embroidery, combining textiles and paint was just a natural progression. I use the finest silks and softest hand painted wool for my felting work and each piece comes out unique and one of a kind. I truly love what I do, and I hope you will too!


Where do you find your inspiration for your beautiful painted scarves?

I have always loved color; it’s my driving force. I have a painting background and have loved playing with colors since I started! It is a totally different effect painting on fabric as opposed to painting on a canvas, but it is still amazing. Nature really inspires me also; there are so many strange flowers and unusual plants. Nature is the greatest designer. There is literally inspiration everywhere- in science, art, music, life… all you have to do is translate that inspiration into functional objects of beauty.


Tell us about the process you use – selecting materials, planning colors … do you sketch or have an inspiration piece you start from?

First, I see an idea in my head, then I gradually make it come to life. I never sketch; I just go straight to the silk. I have created several different collections; abstract flowers, watercolors, zen… It is the best feeling to see a design in my head and than be able to see the results on silk. You never know how an idea is going to come out, every element is a chance and it is wonderful and liberating. I always go with my gut.


We love that your pieces are wearable art. How does this translate to your personal style?

I love to wear jewelry by other artists because they are beautiful and I love to support them. My style shows that I am an individual I mean that’s the point of dressing… it is all just a costume of who you are going to be that day.


You have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in painting. Tell us what type of art or artists really speak to you.

I am really drawn to the modern feel. I love artists like Picasso, Monet, Cezanne and Matisse.


How does OttLite help you with your work?

I LOVE OttLite… I have five! They are seriously the best lights ever. I use them for both my crafting and photography.


What is your favorite material to work with?

Silk, of course! I also really love to knit and embroider. Currently, I am focusing on silk with paint and dyes. The thing that I am missing is the 3D feel that I get with knitting and felting. Textures are my favorite and I don’t get that with flat silk.


Where is your favorite place to paint and create?

I have a studio in my garage. I have been really creative with the space and I like to use my plumbing pipes to hang my silks. I may be next to a lawn mower, but it is my space and I love it. My kids have even grown to calling it my “lab”. When I am in there, I am in my zone and rhythm.


11200623_931591450225341_3445542662219491332_nWhere can someone get more information about your designs?

They can visit my website, and I am also on Twitter and Facebook. I am also now teaching silk painting classes in my studio.


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