Full Spectrum Lamp

Posted by Marcea

Enjoy life with a full spectrum lamp from OttLite!  For everything you love to do, OttLite makes it easier by providing high quality full spectrum lighting to help you see more clearly and comfortably.   

Dr. John Ott, founder and inventor of OttLite lighting, researched alternatives to unhealthy artificial lighting and the effects different wavelengths of light have on health.  His pioneering work is the basis for OttLite lighting – full spectrum lighting specially engineered with a precise balance of contrast and brightness.  

OttLite full spectrum lamps are specially formulated to provide the full range of light wavelengths, much like sunlight.  Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources cause.  It’s like natural daylight indoors.

With OttLite you’ll enjoy: 

  • Complete color accuracy and detail definition
  • Reduced glare and eyestrain so you can do what you love longer
  • Seeing fine print with ease – words practically jump off the page

And. OttLite’s full spectrum lighting bulbs are energy efficient – rated to last up to 10,000 hours – that’s 10 times longer than incandescent lighting.  

Select the OttLite Full Spectrum Lamp that’s right for you

With a wide selection of full spectrum desk lamps and floor lamps, you’ll find something to fit perfectly in your living room, office, garage, craft room, kitchen and more.  Here are some things to consider when selecting your OttLite full spectrum lamp:

  • Need a reading lamp in your living room?  Look at our decorative lamps with shades, metal finishes and more.
  • Cramped desk space? – try a Clip-On lamp or the Wing Shade Table Lamp
  • Do you go to classes, scrapbook crops or like to travel? – Go portable.  The Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp is just the thing.
  • Need wide illumination for larger projects?  The Wide Area Craft Lamp or Craft Plus Floor Lamp are perfect for you.

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