Lamp USB Ports - They're Not All Made The Same

Posted by Marcea

In today’s world, electronic devices are everywhere – and we are all searching for quick and easy ways to keep them charged to keep us communicating, laughing, productive and connected.

According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of American adults own a cell phone and 32% own an e-reader.  Having accessible, reliable USB ports at home or in an office or dorm room is a must. You can even charge your devices through USB ports on your lamp! 

Avoid the Trickle Charge - Beware! Not all USB ports will charge your devices fully. Some will only trickle charge which takes forever and will never fully charge a tablet. Sure it looks good on the package or online – “charge your phone through your lamp”. But, if it doesn’t have enough power, you’ll be left with only a trickle charge which barely keeps your devices alive. Look at the amount of amps. Amps are an electrical measurement of how quickly electricity is flowing to your device.  Many lower power USB ports are only ½ of an Amp, which will leave you at low charge.  OttLite lamps’ USB ports have 2.1 Amps for a quicker charge. 

What to Look For - We recommend 5V, 2.1A (that’s 5 volts, 2.1 amps) for the USB charging port – powerful enough to quickly and fully charge a tablet. For OttLite lamps with USB charging ports, check out the LED Cobra Desk Lamp, LED Flexible Bankers Lamp, LED FlexNeck Desk Lamp with USB, LED Pivoting Bankers Lamp, LED Desk Lamp with Sliding Dimmer and USB, LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Tunnel, and Color Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with USB.


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