New - Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock!

Posted by Marcea

Sleep – something we need but not often something we always get enough of. According to the National Institutes of Health, getting enough sleep is imperative to brain function, physical health and your overall emotional well-being. Help yourself fall asleep peacefully and wake up gradually with the OttLite Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock


Ready To Greet The Day

Set your Wake Up Your Way profile so you can wake up to 6 nature sounds (birds, running water, chimes, harp, waves or thunderstorm), FM radio, light or a combination of sound and light. You can choose from a 10, 20 or 30 minute light cycle that starts at the lowest light intensity and gradually increase to full intensity at alarm time. What a great way to ease into the morning!  And for those of you who need it, there’s a 10-minute snooze button too. 

Relax & Recharge

During the day, the Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock can help you relax and recharge. Activate the color-changing feature to cycle through the entire color spectrum or select to display your favorite color. Recharge your smartphone or tablet with the 5V, 2.1A USB port and listen to the FM radio or 6 nature sounds to take a break. You can also use the auxiliary plug to listen to music from the device of your choice. 


Drift Off To Dreamland 

Activate the Go-To-Sleep Timer and fall asleep to your choice of light, 6 nature sounds, or the FM radio. Set your Go-To-Sleep cycle for 10, 20 or 30 minute increments to automatically shut your selection off after your time cycle is completed. If you’re sensitive to light while you sleep, you can also dim the digital display. 

Sleek in design, the Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock is the perfect bedside lamp for everyone in the family and is available for purchase on

Enter To Win! 

Comment below why you'd love to have a Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock no later than December 3, 2016 at 11:59 EST and we’ll randomly select (5) people to win a Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock! 

No purchase necessary. Winners must reside in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). Winners will picked no later than December 6, 2016. Winners will be contacted at email address used to register comment and must respond to email from OttLite within 5 days or a new winner will be chosen.  


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  • Debbie 7 years 189 days ago
    I wish I'd discovered this product and blog earlier! I would have loved to have a chance to win one of these alarms--it's SO difficult to get up on dark winter mornings. Maybe Santa will bring one for Christmas. 🎅

  • Ellen Toothacker 7 years 194 days ago
    I would love to have the options the Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock offers. My clock radio is on its last legs, so this would be a great fit.
  • Therese Ruff 7 years 197 days ago
    It would be a joy to wake up in a natural way! A perfect start to a calm, happy morning. A peaceful end to the day, too. Almost a meditation!
  • Helen King 7 years 197 days ago
    The Wake Up Your Way alarm clock would be awesome! I love the sounds of nature and the added bonus of the choice of lights!
  • Janice Cook 7 years 198 days ago
    I'd love to win! My cell phone alarm is not always reliable. I love Ottlite! Have 2 in my sewing room!
  • Angela Huber 7 years 199 days ago
    I'd love to have this alarm clock because it would be far less jarring to wake with light and nature sounds! Maybe it could help with SAD, too!
  • Betty Giron 7 years 199 days ago
    I would love to have this for me since in my job I have employees on many shifts and have random hours. I don't want to use my phone anymore because that is too much of a temptation to keep checking it!
  • Sandra Strait 7 years 199 days ago
    Living in Oregon during the winter, the dreary weather impacts our sleeping habits. I'd love to have a Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock to help hubby and me stay on the same sleeping regimen all year round. Plus it just looks so cool, I know it would lovely to have!
  • Peggy Detweiler 7 years 199 days ago
    Looks like the Wake Up Your Way alarm clock has everything you could need. It would be great to wake up gently with light and nature sounds. Looks terrific to me!!
  • Debbie 7 years 200 days ago
    I would love the Wake Up your way alarm clock, I can't go to sleep unless there is a back ground noise . I'm sure nature sounds would be a lot better then late night tv. Waking up with this clock sounds wonderful. The one I use wakes me with such loud annoying noise it makes my heart race.
    Would be very thankful and well rested if I won
  • Paul 7 years 200 days ago
    I never seem to have enough outlets to plug everything in next to my bed. This would help because I could save on outlets by charging my phone right through my alarm clock. I also love the fact that there is a Go-To-Sleep feature. Please consider me for the opportunity to win this wonderful product!
  • Chaya 7 years 200 days ago
    I would love a Wake Up Your Way Light Alarm Clock because I hate having to use my phone for an alarm clock and I would much rather greet the morning with sounds of nature versus the annoying loud buzzing noise that I have been accustomed to. I also have a really hard time falling asleep at night because I live in an apartment off of a busy street and the noise keeps me awake. I often listen to music to fall asleep so I love the fact that this alarm clock has a feature to help me drift away!
  • deborah curran 7 years 200 days ago
    waking my high school son is extremely diffucult. he sets his phone alarm but it doesn't work. i have to go into his room every 5 min. we need your help.
  • Marjory Wilkin 7 years 200 days ago
    I would love to win a WAKE UP YOUR WAY LIGHT & ALARM CLOCK. I have a lot of trouble going to sleep, so waking up to soft nature sounds would be wonderful.
  • Shelley T 7 years 200 days ago
    I would love a Wake Up Your Way Light and Alarm Clock which would allow me to naturally come out of sleep without the jarring startling way my cell phone wakes me now. I come from an artistic family so being able to customize a light and sound experience to start my day or take a relaxing break is very exciting. I know Ottlite makes quality products, (I own 3 Ottlite products) so I know this would be top of the line both in performance and aesthetics.
  • Patricia Hersl 7 years 200 days ago
    Are you kidding? The pretty brass living room clock got broken in the move. The iPod charger/clock/radio runs super fast or super slowly (I can't tell which) so that the studio has no clock. When the grands come, I take a little cheapy thing from Walplace into the studio for them to wait until 7 (even though 6:37 qualifies somehow). Little 3 yr old likes a nightlight sometimes. Am I needing this or what?
  • Amy C. 7 years 200 days ago
    This would be a wonderful gift for my son this Christmas! He has to wake up super-early now that he's in high school and this might make it a little bit easier. He would definitely think it looks cool also!
  • Carolyn Kotlas 7 years 200 days ago
    The alarm clock I currently have is so annoying that I usually wake up just before it goes off and then rush to turn it off. The OttLite clock would relieve me of this unpleasant way to wake up.
  • Carol Tower 7 years 200 days ago
    I have always had trouble getting out of bed in the morning! I have numerous alarms set at different times, at different places in the room, and none of them succeeds. I just get up, turn off the alarm, and fall right back into bed. I would be anxious to try this different approach to see if it helps me to awaken more easily and without so much trauma!
  • Cindy Ott 7 years 200 days ago
    When I get into bed, my mind goes full speed ahead no matter how tired I am. Drifting off to the sound of waves would be amazing. Having had Lasix eye surgery, bright lights are troublesome. This looks like it would be much more tolerable with less glare. I would love to have an OttLite as we share a name!
  • Heather Nelson 7 years 201 days ago
    A wake up your way alarm clock would be perfect for my husband! His work hours can be random and long. He struggles to get up everyday and I don't think he gets the correct amount of sleep each night either. I love the settings that help you fall asleep. Sometimes he struggles to fall asleep just as much as he does to wake up. This alarm clock would be great!
  • Joe 7 years 201 days ago
    I would love to have a Wake Up Your Way Light & Alarm Clock for my teenage daughter. She's been having a hard time finding the right type of alarm clock and mornings are becoming more of a challenge for her these days. This alarm clock offers a great way for her to ease into the day. Not to mention that it just looks cool and she would love to show it off to her friends. With it being an OttLite product, I know it will be high quality.