DIY Pallet Painting Party

Posted by Marcea

Pallet painting parties are a fun way to spend time with friends and make some DIY home decorations.  Some of us from the OttLite team had our own pallet party and wanted to show you how simple it is. 



Base paint for pallet 

Paint for lettering 

Vinyl or laminate for a stencil 

Painting sponge

Paintbrush or foam brush 

Painters tape (optional) 

Mod Podge (optional) 



Pick a pallet that you’d like to use and stain it to create a base for your sign. Let the base dry. 

Decide what you’d like your sign to say, lay it out on your computer and then create a stencil. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter like a Silhouette Cameo, which is what we used, you can print out and trace and cut your image or saying by hand. Or purchase a pre-made stencil from our OttLite Ambassador, Stencil1!

We used both vinyl and transparency film to create our stencils. Both worked great. If you use vinyl make sure you’re using removable vinyl (also called 631) and not permanent vinyl or it will pull up your paint. 

This next step is where the OttLite LED Light Box and Task Lamp Station came is so handy! We put our vinyl on top of the Light Box so we could see where to weed, or remove, the excess vinyl. We also used the Light Box with the lamp on the top so we could see as we were removing letters from the transparency film. With vinyl you can weed the letters out and use the rest as a stencil or you can weed out the main portion while leaving the letters behind. If you do it the second way be sure that you’re using transfer tape to keep the letters together. 

Lay your stencils on the pallet and be sure you push the vinyl down well to seal the edges or tape the edges of the transparency film with painters paint. You can also seal the edges of your stencil lightly with some Mod Podge to stop the paint from bleeding underneath and create crisp lines. If you’re looking for a bit of rustic look you can skip the Mod Podge. 

Select your paint for the letters and paint either inside the outline of your stencil or over the letters you put down. Note that if you’re painting over the letters and not inside the stencil, your letters will end up being the color of the base color and not the color that you’re painting over the letters. Apply a second coat if desired. 

Before your second paint is completely dry, remove the stencil carefully from the pallet. 


 Allow the pallet to completely dry and enjoy! 




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