DIY Glass Etching

Posted by Marcea


Glass etching is an art form that removes small pieces of glass and gives the impression left the look of frosted glass.  It's a great way to put a logo or design on a glass to help set it apart. You can even etch a mirror to help spice up your home decor.  


Drinking glasses


Etching Cream

Foam Brushes

Rubbing Alcohol


Clean the area of the drinking glass that you’re putting the stencil on with rubbing alcohol.  Let dry.  Apply your stencil to the glass and then use a crafting stick and rub really hard on the stencil to make sure all edges are down (any edges not completely down will allow etching cream underneath)

Cover the sides of the stencil with painters tape.  This will help the etching cream not to accidentally get on your drinking glass.

After the stencil is taped off, take a foam brush and pour some etching cream on the end and spread the etching cream thickly over the stencil. Make sure all of the stencil is filled in and the etching cream is spread evenly. 

Be careful about splattering the etching cream. Any that gets on the glass where you don’t intend it to be will mar the glass. You can look through the inside of the glass to be sure you've covered all of the open spots on the stencil (see below). 

The etching cream instructions will say to leave on the glass for 3-5 minutes.  I left mine on for 20 minutes because I was using a one-time use stencil.  If I had taken the cream off and realized it hadn’t etched well enough, I wouldn’t have been able to reapply the cream without ruining the etching.  The etching cream won’t eat through the glass so leave it on a little extra time. Don’t leave it on too long though or the cream will dry out.

Remove the cream from the glass. You can reuse the cream so you can take a crafting popsicle stick to scrape it off and put it back in the bottle.  Or just wipe off the excess with a paper towel.  Then rinse off the etching cream with water according to the package directions.

Fill with your favorite drink and enjoy! Etched glasses make a nice hostess or housewarming gift.  

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