Photo negative candle holders

Posted by Autumn

Here's a quick and crafty solution for all you shutterbugs wondering what to do with the neglected negatives taking up space in your closets. Negative candle holders are simple, fun, and add a nice photog-touch to any decor.

A big shout-out to Photojojo for this nifty idea!

Negative Candle Holders

What you need:

Photo negatives

Glass candle holders

Glue dots, or double-sided tape


Step 1: Measure Around

Measure your strip of photo negatives around the candle holder to see how many frames you need to wrap around completely.

Step 2: Stick it

Put glue dots or double-sided tape on both ends of your photo negative strip.

Step 3: Let it Shine

Stick the negative strip to the candle holder. Put a candle in it and enjoy the illumination!


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  • Luciene 11 years 228 days ago
    I make and ship these all over. I also make custom glass boltets and candle holders.first of you need to use ball mason jars. it ties back to the good ole days when you sipped moonshine from a mason jar. adds to the mystic of the glass. To glue the stems to the glass I use a combination. first use quick grip glue made by beacon. you can get it at Walmart in the arts and craft section (usually right by the E6000). I don't sand the parts or anything it is weather and waterproof. About an hour after I apply the quick grip, I go around the edge and apply future glue (the new krazy glue), in the same fashion as you would use caulk. It will dry in a minute. this causes the edge to seal and harden.I buy my sticks at dollar tree after exhausting the local thrift stores. buy one and if you want bulk then save your upc code. when you call dollar tree home office give them the upc code and they will furnish what you need.I also saw that people were asking about verbiage on a card. I made up my own. It goes something like this. thanks for getting a red neck wine glass. these fine dining glasses will dress up important occasions like weddings, and the first day of deer season. I have several sizes from the small sample size (enough to wet your whistle), a medium I call the sipper, and a full quart size I call the big gulp. I also include lid which I call the commuter accessory.hope this helps you guysace of alabamafroggtoggs2 on facebook
  • Marcia Fowler 12 years 287 days ago
    What a neat idea!!!