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OttLite Ambassador Beverly McCollough is sharing a meaningful and creative way to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Here’s Bev:

I try to keep our Thanksgiving table setup pretty simple. I have to cook and since the table will full of yummy food, it’s easier to keep things from getting too crowded on the table. One way to dress up the table is with cloth napkins so to help celebrate the season and keep gratitude top of mind for all of us, I created personalized thankfulness napkins!

I had my family members write down five things about everyone in the family that they were thankful for or appreciated about the other people. I kept the descriptions secret so on Thanksgiving we all had a personalized napkin describing how other family members are thankful for us. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


•  1 yard of a thin light fabric (I used muslin) to make it easy to trace

•  Fabric paint pens

•  Fabric-marking pen or pencil

•  Printer


  • Begin by cutting your fabric into 18″ squares.


  • Combine the phrases your family has come up with and print them out. I printed mine out in a tile format and taped them together.

  •  Tape your printout of thankful words face-up on your work surface. Then tape one of your napkin pieces over the printed paper.


  • Once you’re all taped down, start tracing the letters. If you shine your OttLite lamp on it, it's much easier to see the letters through the fabric! I decided to use a fabric-marking pen first, but if your letters are clear enough you can just start tracing away with the paint pen.
  • When you have all your words traced, hem the sides of the napkin by turning the ends under twice and sewing.


  • Now you can work on the others. They don’t take long to make at all and help make your Thanksgiving extra special!


Thanks for sharing Bev! For more information on Flamingo Toes or to learn more about Bev visit her website, subscribe to her newsletter or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


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