Mixed Media Holiday Gift Tags

Posted by Marcea

One of the best things about the holidays is giving (and receiving!) gifts. When you’re using a store bought tag though sometimes the space is too small, especially if it’s a group gift. The solution? Make your own gift tags. 

I was inspired to create these holiday gift tags after taking OttLite Ambassador Marjie Kemper’s Craftsy class on mixed media effects.  In her classes, Marjie shows you how to use paper, stamps, stencils and a variety of other elements to make scrapbook pages, photo pages or really anything you can think of!



Protect your work surface with paper and get your OttLite lamp positioned over your workspace. I used the LED Task Light - not only does it produce a great light for a small lamp, but it's also portable and allowed me to work in a space that doesn't have an outlet. 

Dab your spouncer on an ink pad or in some paint. Swirl the spouncer around the tag until it gets the color that you’re looking for.  Try not to dab the spouncer as you’re applying the base color.

After you get your base color down, now it’s time to start adding layers to the design. You can take a stencil and tape the creative tag to the spot you want. Then select a contrasting color to the base coat and dab (yes now it’s okay to dab the paint on!) it on top of the stencil. Carefully remove the stencil from the creative tag.

You can also use an ink on top of the colors that’s intended to ‘age’ the look of the paper. I used Distress Ink Antique Linen on this tag:


Using the stamps on top will help you create another layer of your multi-media gift tag:

To finish some of my tags I sprinkled Ranger Perfect Pearls over the tags or used the snowflake stamp dipped into it to create an iridescent stamp. You could also use mixed media embellishments to really make your gift tags pop. 

Use a piece of twine or yarn to create a knotted loop. Write a note to the recipient on the back of the creative tag and attach to your gift! 

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