Easy To Make Galaxy Shirt

Posted by Marcea

Summer means a lot of things but one big part of summer for many kids is summer camp. If you’ve ever sent a child to camp, you know that you’re not supposed to have them wear new clothes. And if you’ve ever picked a kid up from camp you know why!

Of course you don’t want to send the kids in clothes with holes or rips, but what to do? Why not making galaxy shirts with the kids – easier than tie-dying, these shirts will help hide any dirt or grim that camp sends home.


Plain black cotton t-shirt (washed)

Spray bottle



White fabric paint

Large plastic garbage bag

Piece of cardboard


Rubber bands

Different colored fabric paints (optional) - try glow-in-the-dark or puffy versions for more fun! 

Small plastic bag (optional)


Take the cardboard and slip it inside of the t-shirt. This will help the bleach from bleeding through the back of the shirt.Twist a few small sections of the front of the shirt and secure with rubber bands.

Mix 1 part water with 1 part bleach into the spray bottle. Spray the bleach mixture onto the shirt in a sweeping motion. You don’t want to cover every spot of the shirt so that you make sure you have some black areas left. As you spray you can move you hand closer and farther away for different effects. The bleach will start to turn the parts sprayed red: 

Once the areas you sprayed start to look red (about 5 minutes) rinse the shirt under cold water. Take the rubber bands off and lay the shirt in the sun to dry.

When the shirt is dry, take your white fabric paint and put some on the toothbrush. Flick the brush around the front of the shirt to create stars. Using your fingers to move the bristles to ‘fling’ the paint works well (you can wear gloves for this part if you don’t want to get your fingers dirty).

You can also use some different colored fabric paints and dab them around the bleached stars with a crumpled plastic bag. Be sure to dab and not smear the fabric paint. If you get globs of paint on the shirt by accident you can even them out with a plastic bag too.


Dry the shirt flat for about 24-48 hours. Wear your galaxy shirt to camp and have a blast!  

p.s. Adults look great in galaxy shirts too - you can even use this technique on leggings! 

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