DailyBeast.com Recommends OttLite for Making You More Productive

Posted by Jessica

Can a desk accessory make you more productive? The DailyBeast.com says YES and includes the OttLite Wellness Series on their list.


In their article Desk Accessories Can and Will Make You More Productive, here's what they had to say about OttLite: 


A desk lamp is no longer just a desk lamp. It’s a beacon of inspiration.

Opt for a desk lamp that does more than shed light on your workspace. This lamp not only has a USB port to charge your phone, it has an LCD display that shows the date, time, and temperature (so you don't need to use your phone to look, and then probably scroll through Instagram). The best part is that the LED lighting system is controlled by a touch-sensitive dimmer with six brightness modes to help reduce eye strain. If you want something a little more fun, this guy has a color-changing base.

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