A life with many interests: crochet

Posted by Autumn

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.

I learned how to crochet about three years ago. I've mastered scarves, hats, and baby blankets. Friends and family members are always asking for sweaters, socks, and those adorable amigurumi toys. But I've a confession to make: I'm a lazy crocheter. I can chain, single-, double-, treble-, and even half-double crochet stitch with the best of them, but when it comes to shaping I’m abysmal. Sleeve holes are as apt to vanish on my sweaters as they are to appear. My own attempt at amigurumi ended with an oddly shaped ball that in no way resembled a fluffy bunny rabbit, and one returned skein of lovely, white Tinkerbell yarn.

I do love crocheting. Sitting with yarn and hook, creating something lovely and soft for someone I love (or for charity). I crochet while I watch TV, or ride the subway (back in my New York City days), or even when I’m waiting at a doctor’s office.The trouble is, what I love about crocheting is that it allows my mind to wander. Which is fine when you’re doing a simple row of V-stitches for a baby blanket, but less so when you’re shaping the body of a stuffed bunny. I’ve tried adventurous projects in the past—the biggest success was a pair of baby booties for my niece—but most of them come out lumpy or angled or with too many sleeve holes. So I keep it simple. Baby blankets, beanie hats, and scarves.

V-stitch baby blanket

It might sound crazy, but the beginning of October always makes me think of Christmas. Probably because right around this time I get the bright idea to make holiday gifts for all my loved ones…but then procrastinate until mid-November. Combine my lack of crocheting genius with a compressed deadline and you can see why I usually end up running through the mall the last week of December like a Warrior Dash competitor.

Stressing out over what should be an enjoyable break-from-the-day activity defeats the purpose, so this year I decided to pick one person and make a gift for him or her. If it works out, then next year I’ll pick a different person. And so on. That way everybody gets a handmade gift, eventually, and I don’t go crazy trying to make a dozen afghans or rose-shaped washcloths in a month. I started in September so I’m sure to have plenty of time, and I’m going to keep the project simple. A scarf.

It’s actually the easiest scarf ever, so I call it the Easy-Peasy Chain-stitch Crochet Scarf. I found the idea on one of my favorite blogs, Dollar Store Crafts. They have step-by-step instructions and photos for assembling the scarf, and even feature a video tutorial on making the one stitch you need: the chain stitch.

Sample chain stitch in alpaca wool

Crafting, to me, is about doing what you love. It’s about the process of creating something as much as it is about the final project. Whether or not I ever create a snuggly pullover sweater (with two evenly places armholes) or a fuzzy bunny (that doesn't resemble a half-melted snowball) isn’t really the point. I’ll have fun working on the scarf. Plus, I’ll get warm fuzzies from my friend when they get their handmade present. That’s what it’s about for me. Fun, and warm fuzzies.


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  • Kyle 11 years 128 days ago
    I'm so glad you put these on here. There has been no one to teach me to crochet and I leraned from you =] and every time I have a difficult pattern I can refer to your videos to help me out.
  • Rie 11 years 128 days ago
    Oh, that fun rug is fabulous. You've put tgteoher a fun crochet round up. I dabble occasionally, but nothing really spectacular. The necklace is also really pretty.
  • Sara 12 years 19 days ago
    Genius! I've been wiatnng to do something like this for a while, but frankly, too lazy to try to make my brain work it out. THANK YOU for doing the work. I see some very happy people at Christmas!
  • Justin Bieber 12 years 52 days ago
    I definately found this post interesting. Thanks for putting this up many props! ^_^
  • Nickolas Yardley 12 years 128 days ago
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