6 New Ways to Bring Wellness into Your World!

Posted by Jessica

Here are six new ways to bring the incredible eyestrain-reducing clarity of OttLite ClearSun LED into your space. The new and exclusive ground-breaking OttLite ClearSun LED comes as close to the spectral output of the sun as you can get which means reduced eyestrain -- by up to 51% -- and the best color rendering available with a CRI of 97.

Plus, you'll LOVE the great new features of these innovative styles – wireless charging, connectivity with Google Home, color modes and more!



OttLite Command LED Desk Lamp with Voice Assistant

"Hey Google ... turn on my lamp!" That's right, you can voice control your lamp to set the color mode you want, brightness level and on/off. This lamp also features a USB charging port to quickly charge your phone and tablet.



OttLite Emerge LED Desk Lamp

This lamp is so stylish with the leather-like finish, stitching detail and chrome accents. What's even more beautiful about it is the ClearSun LED illumination combined with 3 color modes and a USB charging port.



OttLite Shine and OttLite Power Up LED Desk Lamps with Wireless Charging

No more searching for your charging cable ... simply place your phone on the charging pad and you're all set. Works with Qi-enabled phones including iPhone 8 and above.



OttLite Organize LED Desk Lamp

Incredible ClearSun LED illumination meets organization. Keep your supplies close and your devices charged with the USB charging port. 



Recharge LED Desk Lamp

You need healthy lighting everywhere, so charge this lamp and bring it ANYWHERE! Coffee tables, garage, kitchen table ... for projects, homework, meetings, reading recipes in the kitchen ... you'll love having crisp, clear OttLite ClearSun illumination wherever you need it.


Want to learn more? View the Press Release.




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