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and Miss Erica who designed it! Thank you so much for sharing!
It seems like Thank You notes are a thing of the past.  Long gone are the days when you would express your gratitude in written form.  Well I for one miss thank you notes and have decided to bring them back! 

The other day one of my friends sent me the sweetest card thanking me for some obscure thing I had done. It got me thinking, so I sat down and came up with an easy card design to share with everyone.

You don't need much paper and they can be adapted to fit any event you want.

I picked three different pieces of paper for the card and you will need one paper for the envelope, yes, we are even making a matching envelope.

First take the color you picked for the outside of the card and cut a piece 4"x8.5".  After you have cut your paper measure 1" from the left side and mark lightly with a pencil, also measure 5" from the left side and mark as well.  I did this on the top and bottom of the paper.  Next I took a ruler and lined it up on the 1" marks and scored it.  Then I scored it on the 5" marks.  Fold on the lines you just scored.

Next take the paper you picked for the inside and cut a piece 3.5"x4".

Take your inside piece and center it inside the 1" fold you made previously on the outside paper.  Next take your stapler and staple the inside paper in place.  Make sure you leave enough room for the flap, or the right edge of the paper, to slide under securely.

For the outside decor choose two stamps.  A great place to get cheap stamps is atMichael's.  They always have bins full of stamps that only cost $1.  I found an adorable owl stamp the other day and have been dying to use it.  Owls are so in right now and I am loving it!  After you have decided what stamps you want to use, stamp your accent paper and cut it to be just a bit bigger than your stamp.  I always find it easiest to make a lot of cards at once.

Lay out your stamped paper on the front of your card.  I put just a little bit of glue in the center of my paper to hold it in place.  Then I sewed lines using my sewing machine just to add a little something.

Finally I picked a button and tied a bow with twine through the holes and hot glued it over the staple to hide its ugliness.  Voila!! you just made a super easy card that can be personalized however you want.

On to the envelope.

Cut out a 6"x6" square and mark the center of each side.

Take your ruler and line up diagonally between the marks, score it then fold it.  All of your corners should meet in the center.

Once your envelope is all folded insert your newly made card and seal with a sticker.  How cute is that?

I want to encourage everyone, whether you make a card or not, to write someone a thank you note this week.  I know it will mean a lot to them and it will definitely make you feel good.  I would love to hear how the card making and writing goes.  Let's not lose the art of writing thank you notes! 


THANK YOU ERICA FOR SHARING THIS WITH US! I have several friends who would love getting this!  Show us your version of this cute tutorial...I know you are gonna have fun embellishing this!

Til next time,

Be Inspired!

xoxo Jo


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