Four Ways to Amplify Light in the World

Posted by Chris

At OttLite, we believe in the power of good, healthy light. In the same way that amplifying natural daylight to bring it indoors helps us see healthier and feel better, we believe that amplifying good further shines light in the world and helps us all live happier and healthier lives. Here are four ways you can join us to #AmplifyLight in the world:


1. Spread positivity. Negative news fuels negative feelings. On the flip side, positive news encourages happy feelings. Limit your time with mainstream news and avoid sharing negative news on social media. Follow positive news sites like Good News Network and social media accounts like @Some Good News that share uplifting content. Share the good that you see with your circle of influence. The positive posts that you share can make an impact on those around you and inspire them to #AmplifyLight too.

2. Make something for someone else. Like the saying goes, "happiness is homemade." Whether it's a meal, a card, a face mask or any kind of gift or care package, a handmade surprise can brighten anyone's day. Do you know someone who's been feeling down lately? Take the opportunity to lighten up their mood.

3. Donate to a cause.
Many charitable organizations have seen donations slow down lately. Even if you can't afford to give money, consider donating goods, your time or your voice. Inspire others to help by sharing community needs and causes that are important to you. If you're healthy, give blood. It's a simple way to make a big difference. To find out where you can safely give blood locally, visit the American Red Cross.

4. Support small businesses.
Doing a lot of online shopping lately? Keep in mind that many small businesses have online stores and can ship high-quality products to your home. Share your favorite small businesses with your friends to encourage them to shop small as well. 

What other ideas do you have to help #AmplifyLight?



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