Can Sunlight Reduce Stress?

Posted by Jessica

As we wait for April showers to bring more sunlight and beautiful May flowers, let's shine a light on natural stress relief in honor of Stress Awareness Month. While a little bit of stress is healthy, prolonged stress can lead to a number of stress-related health concerns. That's why it's important to practice self-care and understand the types of healthy habits that lower stress levels.

What’s our favorite simple way to reduce stress and boost your mood? Take in more sunlight through your eyes. When your eyes are exposed to sunlight, special areas in the retina trigger your brain to release the hormone serotonin. Known to improve mood and promote a calmer and more focused mindset, serotonin is a natural stress reducer.

What can you do to get the benefits of sunlight on dark and cloudy days? Natural daylight lighting that is designed to be as close as possible to the spectral output of the sun can help. Here at OttLite, our researchers and engineers have developed exclusive ClearSun® LED technology that provides a comparable experience to natural daylight that is much healthier for your eyes than standard LEDs. This easy-on-the-eyes healthy lighting is proven to reduce eyestrain by 51%. Check out the OttLite Wellness Series to learn more.

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