NBC Chicago Tech Talk Contributor Karen Firsel Features OttLite Sanitizing Line

Posted by Jessica

We are so excited to share this clip from NBC Chicago's Tech Talk featuring lifestyle editor and guru Karen Firsel. She rounded up some really cool healthy products that combine health benefits with technology to help make people's lives easier and more productive.


Here's what she had to say about the OttLite Sanitizing Line (starting at :52 into the video):


"But what's really great about it (the OttLite Sanitizing Lamp) is it has proven, patented sanitizing technology built into the lamp ... which is amazing. It has amazing beautiful light that's good for your eye and is going to help you be productive at your workspace, but the second setting in the lamp ... the SpectraClean setting and it actually is killing 99% of bacteria that is on your workspace."


Karen featured the Thrive LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Clock and USB Charging and the Purify LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. These designs have the remarkable bacteria-fighting power of SpectraClean and some really cool features to help keep you charged and organized.



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