Healthy Aging Month: Better Vision Lighting Choices for Aging Eyes

Posted by Jessica

September is Healthy Aging Month, a great time to consider choices you can make to support wellness as you get older -- including how to promote better vision for aging eyes. As eyes age, seeing clearly at close distances can become more challenging. This is a normal change in your eyes’ ability to focus called presbyopia. It’s a common problem among adults over 40 that continues to progress as your eyes age.


Bright natural daylight lighting is an excellent tool to help aging eyes see more clearly and comfortably. Here are a few of our favorite better vision lighting choices to support aging eyes:

Revive LED Desk Lamp. This beautiful metal lamp from the OttLite Wellness Series features OttLite’s exclusive ClearSun LED technology. With ClearSun LEDs, this better vision lighting option comes as close to the sun’s spectral output as you can get in an LED light. Balanced, smooth and proven healthier for your aging eyes, ClearSun LED lighting reduces eyestrain by up to 51%.


2-in-1 LED Magnifier Floor and Table Light. With 30 Super Bright Natural Daylight LEDs and optical grade magnifiers, OttLite’s 2-in-1 LED Magnifier Floor and Table Light is the ideal better vision lighting choice to help aging eyes continue to see details clearly and colors accurately. With a built-in handle, this hands-free magnifying light makes it easy to bring illumination and magnification exactly where you need it. For even more versatility, it includes a conversion kit allowing for easy conversion from a floor lamp to a table lamp.



LED Task Lamp. With a unique fold-up design and a handle for easy portability, the OttLite LED Task Lamp offers a convenient way to bring better vision lighting anywhere you need it. Adjustable and lightweight, this battery-operated lamp uses 30 Super Bright Natural Daylight LEDs to support better vision on the go.


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