Popular Science Names OttLite Sanitizing Lamp as Best Value!

Posted by Jessica

Popular Science Magazine has been demystifying the world of science and technology since 1872 by explaining the inner workings of innovations, reviewing and recommending the best solutions available, and doing deep dives into the many mysteries of science.

They recently explored the OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp -- the perfect intersection of patented bacteria-killing science and productivity-increasing lighting. This lamp was named Best Value in their article Best desk lamps to stay productive in 2021. Here's what they had to say:

"Why it made the cut: OttLite’s sanitizing technology can help eradicate bacteria in your workspace and provide wireless charging.


"It’s no secret that our tech and workspaces can breed bacteria, but just how dirty are they? Studies have shown that they’re extremely gross. If you want to keep your workplace as germ-free as possible without the hassle of daily cleaning, this desk lamp from OttLite will zap bacteria on the spot—no Clorox needed. OttLite has its own patented technology to make your desktop cleaner, simply by flipping the switch.

"The SpectraClean technology in this desk lamp works to continuously break down bacteria, fungus, and mold while still providing you the bright light you need to avoid eye strain. SpectraClean uses light outside of the UV spectrum to effectively disinfect antimicrobials that are suspended in the air or on surfaces. This pick is also designed to mimic natural daylight with LED, so you can feel more energized and comfortable while working indoors. This modern design also has integrated wireless charging, so you can power up your phone or tablet right from the desktop.

"If you like to move around throughout the day to keep comfortable, this lamp also features a flexible neck with a 14- to 26-inch height adjustment, so you can go from nighttime reading lamp to lighting up your desk monitor."

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