Dr. Phil Calls the OttLite Thrive "The Coolest Desk Lamp You've Ever Seen"

Posted by Jessica

Being an audience member at the Dr. Phil Show would be so fun! Especially when Dr. Phil gives out some great gifts to each and every audience member. On December 15, 2021 that gift was the OttLite Thrive Sanitizing LED Desk Lamp -- just in time for the holidays! What a great gift. Here's what Dr. Phil had to say about this fun, stylish and sanitizing lamp:


“Today you’re all going home with the coolest desk lamp you’ve ever seen. It is the OttLite Thrive Sanitizing LED desk lamp. It features a proven, patented SpectraClean technology that safely breaks down potentially harmful bacteria while you work .. how about that. It has three brightness settings that help reduce eyestrain by 51% and you’re all getting one today.”

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