Eeek! pumpkins craft

Posted by Autumn

Here’s a super-easy pumpkin craft from Kaboose. I love these little exclamatory pumpkins. They’re easy to make and look adorable. What a great way to decorate your house for Halloween!

What you'll need:

6 mini pumpkins (add more if you'd like)

Pins, metal brads, or 3-dimensional stickers

Green floral foam or scrap newspaper

Black craft or spray paint

How to make it:

Decide whether you'd like to use pins, brads, or stickers for this pumpkin project.

If the pins or brads you are using are not black on the tip, then you can use craft paint or black spray paint to make them black. Place them on some scrap floral foam and paint away!

One by one push them into the outside of the pumpkin spelling out each letter. You'll need 4 "e"s, one "k", and one exclamation point.

Once completed line them up on your front porch or your entry table for a look that "screams" Halloween!


If the outside exterior of the pumpkin is too hard to push anything into it, consider using 3-dimensional stickers. This way you can still get the studded look.

What I love about this project—other than it’s simplicity—is its versatility.  You could spell just about anything with the right number of pumpkins. How about “Boo!” or, if you have a lot of pumpkins, “Tricks” and “Treats” spelled on either side of your walkway?  Or how about your family’s name?  Note: This could take a lot of pumpkin and get expensive, especially if your last name is something like Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff.

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