Spring Wellness Lamps to Help You Refresh and Renew

Posted by Jessica

Are you ready for a spring wellness refresh after a long winter? Using healthy wellness lamps from OttLite can help you welcome the spring season feeling renewed.

As we spring forward toward days with more daylight, changing the clocks can leave us feeling fatigued rather than refreshed. To fight spring forward fatigue, start your day with natural daylight. It helps you feel more energetic and awake by stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain. When the time change brings dark mornings, the OttLite ClearSun® LED Light Therapy Lamp can help you get your morning dose of daylight. It closely replicates the sun’s natural light spectrum to bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors.

When it's time to begin your spring cleaning, wellness lamps from OttLite can also help you refresh and continuously sanitize your workspace. OttLite’s powerful line of sanitizing lamps are the only desk lamps designed to break down harmful bacteria at the cellular level. Using patented SpectraClean technology, OttLite sanitizing lamps like the Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp kill potentially harmful bacteria like those prevalent on mobile phones and desktops.

And because its important for your eyes to emerge into spring feeling renewed too, OttLite’s sanitizing lamps along with its other Wellness Series lamps can help you ease eyestrain while you work. Using exclusive ClearSun® LED technology, OttLite’s Wellness Series lamps are proven to reduce eyestrain by up to 51% so you can see healthier and feel better in spring and all year long.

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