Happy Halloween from OttLite

Posted by Autumn

Goblins, ghosts and ghouls…oh my! It’s Halloween, time for jack o’ lanterns, haunted houses and costumes! On Halloween, kids and adults alike can enjoy donning a mask, wings or horns and become something otherworldly. If you’re in a pinch for a creative costume idea, here are a few we like:

Photojojo says go as a black-and-white photo. Paint all visible skin with gray-ish white costume makeup, and accent your lips with black lipstick. Ta-da! Take it one step further by replicating the outfit of a famous black-and-white movie star.

Craft monster! You can make a really creative dragon/dinosaur/monster mask out of cardboard, paint, and whatever crafty bits you have lying around. Then just wear a black (or green) drape and you’re ready to trick or treat!

Ghost a-go-go. Go ghost-retro with just a sheet with two holes cut out. (It seems ridiculous but honestly, when was the last time you saw someone rock this costume?)

Self Portrait. Put a picture frame around your neck and sign your shirt. You’re your own greatest masterpiece!

Little Black Dress. It really is the essential garment. A little black dress can be quickly and cheaply transformed into lots of different costumes. Add horns, wings, a tail, a hat, and/or some tights. Look! You’re a devil, a gothic fairy, a cat and/or a witch!

For kids: Easiest reindeer costume ever. Brown pants and a brown hooded shirt. Stuff brown knitted gloves with paper or foam filling, and then sew them onto the hood. Paint the little one’s nose red and he’s Rudolph!

Little MissMatched. Let your little girl go wild with a bunch of mismatched clothing. What could be simpler, or more fun?

Whether it's a handmade fairy princess costume or store-bought superhero, costumes transport us from our everyday lives, transforming us into something more than our selves. What was your favorite Halloween costume? Mine was a hand-sewn costume of Copper from The Fox and the Hound.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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