Fond Memory Photo Frames

Posted by Autumn

There are certain objects that, having outlived their original purpose, continue to enchant and inspire. I’m thinking of things like old keys, watch cogs, vintage postcards, and glass jars. Especially glass jars.

Walk through any flea market, garage sale, or antique store and you’re bound to find a small—or not-so-small—collection of mayonnaise jars, jelly jars, pickled beet jars…you get the idea. There’s something really magical about that smooth, clear container. So many possibilities, so luminous. But, how to craft with them?

Here’s one way:

The nifty gang at Photojo came up with the perfect solution for my glass jar obsession.

Fond Memories Glass Jar Photo Frames

What you need:

  • a jar free of labels that has been thoroughly cleaned (you don’t want your frame to smell like pickles…or spoiled baby food)

  • a photorulerx-acto knife or scissors

  • pencil (optional)


Step 1:Measure your jar. If needed, trim the height of   your photo to fit the jar. Remember the photo has to fit on the lip of the jar, so measure accordingly. (If you’re a bit of a tech-geek, like I am, you can also reduce the size of your photo in Photoshop, then print the image on photo paper.)

Step 2:Roll up the photo slightly and slide it into the jar upside-down. This means the photo will be right-side-up when you turn the jar upside-down. Genius, right?  Poke the photo into place using your finger or, if it’s a tight squeeze, with the eraser end of a pencil.

Step 3:Turn the jar upside down and display your upcycled masterpiece!

I made a whole set of these glass-jar frames with pictures of my niece and nephew. Then I made a bunch more with photos of baby toys, cribs, bottles, etc., and used them to decorate a friend’s baby shower. (When you reach a certain age, I’ve noticed, everyone around you starts having babies. It’s like chickenpox when you’re a kid, only slightly more contagious.)

Any clear jar and any photo will work. For a chic décor look, use vintage photos or postcards—you can get either at just about any antique store or flea market. Use old soda bottles for a retro feel, or test tubes and beakers to show off your mad-scientist skills! What’s great about this project is not only is it super-easy, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


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