DIY Holiday Decorations

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The presents are wrapped, the holiday cards are in the mail and the fruitcake from your boss is safely hidden in the freezer. The holiday season has a lot of DIY and crafty projects to offer, and here are a few more you might like to try. Don’t worry, none of them involve fruitcake!


Film Canister Holiday Lights

This craft comes to us from our peeps at Photojojo. The upcycled film-canister lights make great Christmas decorations, but would also look great around a patio or porch banister any time of year!

You Will Need:

Clear, plastic 35mm film canisters—enough to cover the number of light bulbs on your string of lights

String of Christmas lights

Sharpie pen

X-Acto knife

Cutting mat or something you can cut on

1. Use your Sharpie marker to mark an “X” in the middle of the caps of the film canisters. This “X” marks the opening where you’ll be poking the light bulbs through.

2. Lay your cutting mat (or whatever material you have to protect your workspace) under the marked caps, and use your X-Acto knife to cut the “X” on the caps.

3. Now it’s time to get the lights in action! Take a light bulb from your light string and carefully pop it through the “X” opening in the cap. If the light bulb is having a hard time coming through the cap, use your X-Acto knife to make the “X” opening slightly bigger.

4. Once the light bulbs all capped, it’s time to seal ‘em up with the rest of the canister!

5. It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for… turn off all other lights, plug your string of lights in, and enjoy the beautiful light show!

Crepe Paper Stocking and Dreidel

You know this craft will be beautiful, because it comes from the craft geniuses at

You Will Need:

Stocking and dreidel template


Crepe paper

Sheer fabric, such as organza

Straight pins

Sewing machine threaded with complementary thread

Decorative scissors, such as scallop or pinking shears




Festive stickers

1. Print template and trace stocking or dreidel onto a piece of crepe paper. (Template available here.)

2. Place a sheet of sheer fabric on top of the crepe paper, and secure with a few straight pins.

3. Sew a straight stitch with a sewing machine along the template lines you have drawn to attach both pieces. Leave the top of the dreidel or stocking open.

4. Being careful not to cut into the sewn line, cut around the shape with decorative scissors.

5. Fill with M&Ms.

6. Fold over top piece of dreidel or stocking to create a cuff. Use a small staple to close the dreidel or stocking and attach a ribbon loop for hanging. Embellish the top with a sticker to cover the staple.

Candy Cane Crochet Pattern

This beautiful crocheted candy cane would make a great present for your Secret Santa.

You Will Need:

Worsted Weight Yarn:

10 yards Red

10 yards White

Size H Crochet Hook

2 Yarn Needles

Red or White Pipe Cleaner

Finished Size: 5 ¼” tall

Candy Cane:

Row 1) with red, ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, turn (4 sts)(This will be considered the right side)

Row 2) sc in each st across, changing to white on last st , ch 1, turn

Row 3) with white, sc in each st across, ch 1, turn

Row 4) sc in each st across, changing to red on last st, ch 1, turn

Row 5) with red, sc in each st across, ch 1, turn

Row 6) sc in each st across, changing to white on last st, ch 1 ,turn

Rows 7-8) repeat rows 3 & 4

Rows 9-10) repeat rows 5 & 6

Rows 11-12) repeat rows 3 & 4

Rows 13-14) repeat rows 5 & 6

Rows 15-16) repeat rows 3 & 4

Rows 17-18) repeat rows 5 & 6

Rows 19-20) repeat rows 3 & 4

Rows 21-22) repeat rows 5 & 6

Rows 23-24) repeat rows 3 & 4 (end off white, leaving 20” tail for stitching)

Row 25-26) repeat rows 5 & 6 (end off red, leaving 20” tail for stitching)

You should have 13 stripes, 7 of red, and 6 of white.


Take pipe cleaner and trim so that it’s ½” longer than crocheted piece. Bend over each end of pipe cleaner ¼”. This is so the wire inside pipe cleaner will not poke thru the ends of the candy cane.


Place the stitched piece so that the wrong side of the piece is face up. Place the pipe cleaner on top of piece. Fold piece in half, so that the edges meet, with the pipe cleaner inside.


Using two yarn needles, thread one with the white tail and one with the red tail. Then stitch the piece closed, alternating the needles, using the red threaded needle to stitch close the red stripe area and the white threaded needle to stitch close the white stripe area.


Bend one end of the piece to shape into a candy cane.


Got a great holiday DIY project or festive craft you'd like to share? Post it in the comments or on our Facebook wall!

Happy Holidays from all of us at OttLite!

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