Heartbreaker Valetine

Posted by Autumn

Valentine's Day is such a great opportunity to share a little handmade goodness, we can't help but share with you a few of our favorites! Here's another crafty Valentine's Day project!

Heartbreaker Valentine
from danamadeit.com

What you need:
colorful paper
computer printer

Print the heart template on bright, colored paper. You can find the template by clicking here.

Cut out your hearts with scissors, trying to keep some of the black outline in there.

Staple around the outside of each heart, leaving an opening at the top of the heart for inserting candy. Or, you could hand-sew around the hearts, but that is a bit more time-consuming.

Then, stuff them with your candy!

Staple the opening shut.

Give them to your Valentines! Watch them break your heart or tear it in two. It's okay, because this broken heart won't hurt you. You can even ask them to share the candy.

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