More DIY Valentines

Posted by Autumn

Cupid's got nothing on us! Everywhere we look, there are fun and crafty ways to celebrate the day of love and romance. Here are a few more of our favorites!

Valentine Gift Cone

This traditional German craft looks fit for cake decorating, but it's really a bag filled with sweets for your sweetheart.

What You Need:
Valentine Gift Cone template
Medium-weight paper
Double-sided tape
Bone folder
Crepe paper
White glue

1. Download and print template. Use template to trace shape onto medium-weight paper. Cut out shape.

2. Apply double-sided tape along long, straight side. Starting at tip, roll cutout into a cone shape.

3. Use a bone folder to burnish inside along taped edge.

4. With crepe paper, cut out a rectangle that measures 2 inches longer than the circumference of top of cone and about 4 inches shorter than length of cone. Tack one bottom edge of short side of rectangle with double-sided tape and stick short sides together. Line inside edge of cone with double-sided tape. Press crepe paper sleeve into inside of cone.

5. Embellish by gluing lace around top of cone and Dresdens to the front. Tip: Place a thin rubber band over Dresdens to hold in place until glue dries.

6. Fill cone with small gifts.

7. Tie a ribbon around the crepe paper to close.

Kids’ Valentine Shirts

This is so simple (sew simple!!) that even a beginner sewer can do it! This technique can be used to embellish everything from onesies to adult shirts. You can finish a shirt in about 30 minutes and easily detach the designs if you wish to repurpose clothes after the holiday.

What You Need:
Sewing pins
Needle and thread

1. Print out hearts and/or letter templates. You can search the Web for sample heart templates, and letters are easily generated using a word processing program.

2. Cut the heart and/or letters out to create a pattern.

3. Attach your pattern to a piece of felt with pins and cut around the edge.
Tip: Fiskars has a great Fingertip Detail Knife which makes it easy to cut out the centers of letters and other small spaces.

4. Attach the felt shapes directly to a t-shirt with pins. Stitch each letter or shape in place with embroidery thread using a rough running stitch.

5. Tie the thread on the back side of the shirt with a double knot. Stitch each letter or shape individually.

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