What We're Reading: Cleopatra

Posted by Autumn

Cleopatra: A Life
Stacy Schiff
Back Bay Books, paperback

If you like strong female heroes, love stories, treachery and espionage and ultimately, betrayal, this is for you. If you also like biographies that are as well-researched as they are well-written, this is definitely for you!

Cleopatra is finally given justice with this artful re-telling of her life. She wasn't traditionally beautiful, but she knew how to put on a good show. She was intelligent, refined, and so wealthy she must have made the Romans feel like bumpkins (which explains why they wrote her as a witch and a harlot after her death). Schiff's research is exhaustive, but her writing is so artful and precise that you never feel like you're reading cold facts. You're reading something far better: a good story told well, that just happens to be true.

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