I Heart Rubber Stamps & Coloring

Posted by Jennifer

finished project

I absolutely love rubber stamps and colored pencil. They can serve as an excellent cheat when I don't have time to create an original drawing. Rubber stamps can also come in handy when you want to create a series of color variations.


For the card featured in this post I went for the colored pencils, blending pens and added some glitter accents.


Once I finished the artwork and the glue holding the glitter was completely dry, I used edging scissors to trim it and the accent color papers I chose to frame it.

assemblyI like the idea that it is obvious the card was handmade so I was careful to NOT center everything exactly when I applied the layers to the card front. I chose a complementary envelope and the card is ready for someone special.

variationHere you can see a variation with the same rubber stamp but a different color scheme and extra embellishments. (Mom loved it!)

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