Soup Can Herb Garden

Posted by Autumn

Did you celebrate Earth Day this Sunday? If not, or if you just want to keep the celebration of our precious planet going a little longer, here is a fun gardening craft project! We liked this one because it involved recycling soup cans (or any tin can) and also growing plants indoors, which we know a thing or two about. 

Soup Can Herb Garden

What you'll need:
Empty aluminum can
Screwdriver and hammer
Small rocks, marbles, or pebbles
Potting soil (about 1-1/2 cups)
Small potted herb

How to make it:

1. Completely wash and dry aluminum can. If necessary, sand off any rough edges from the opening of the can.

2. Turn can upside down. Use a screwdriver or other pointed object to poke holes in the bottom of the can. (Use a hammer to tap the end of the screwdriver to make the holes.)

Note: You can decorate your tin can if you wish. The crafty folks at Kaboose painted and decorated their tin can herb garden. You can see  it here. 

3. Place enough rocks, marbles, or pebbles in the bottom of the can to form a single layer.

4. Add enough potting soil to fill the can two-thirds full.

5. Remove the potted herb from its container and transplant it into the can.

6. Fill edges with remaining potting soil, gently pat down so that plant is firmly in the can but not compacted so much that it’s too tight.

7. Place can on a plate (to catch any water drainage) and add some water to the newly planted herbs.

8. Place your new garden in a sunny window, water them regularly, and enjoy fresh herbs all year long!

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