Accordion-style Mother's Day Card

Posted by Jennifer

This accordion-style Mother's Day card was adapted from an article by Gretchen Goetz, Arts and Crafts Examiner for

Because I was creating this card for my mother, the butterflies and color scheme came easily. She was thrilled with the last card I gave her so I looked to it for inspiration. Like that card, the artwork in this card was primarily created with rubber stamps and colored pencil. I also die cut some custom shapes and used similar embellishments as before.

The article recommended using handmade paper for the base, but I was unable to find any at my local craft store so I went with simple colored paper. I was excited when I found that this project would give me the perfect excuse to test the precision of my new scoring tools. They worked like a charm.

The poem was a fitting verse I found on the internet, after struggling for a long time to write a poem of my own. The lines were perfect, saying everything I had wanted to say and taking up the right amount of space for the layout.

Once I assembled all of the layers and added all of the embellishments it was obvious that an envelope would be ridiculous. Between the layers of paper, card stock, gems and the other decorations, I had created a very thick card that was going to require a custom gift box instead. Awesome! Another excuse to use my new scoring tools.

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