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Why so SAD?

Posted by Autumn

For many, the season of snow, ice and freezing cold is a welcome treat. A winter wonderland full of snowmen, icicles, and hand-knit scarves. For others, it is a months-long battle with fatigue, irritability and depression.It’s kind of like the difference between this…and this…Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as the Winter Blues, is a kind of depression that occurs at certain times of the year, usually during winter. (Go figure.)SAD often affects people who live in climates with long [Read More...]

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The End of Daylight Savings

Posted by Autumn

Daylight Savings ends on Sunday, November 6th. Most U.S. residents set their clocks one hour forward in spring and one hour back in fall. However, residents of Arizona and Hawaii—along with the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, among others—don’t observe Daylight Savings Time (DST).Why do we observe DST? And what exactly is it? The idea of daylight saving was first conceived by Benjamin Franklin. In 1784 good ole Ben wrote “An Economical Project,” a little whimsy on the [Read More...]

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Happy Halloween from OttLite

Posted by Autumn

Goblins, ghosts and ghouls…oh my! It’s Halloween, time for jack o’ lanterns, haunted houses and costumes! On Halloween, kids and adults alike can enjoy donning a mask, wings or horns and become something otherworldly. If you’re in a pinch for a creative costume idea, here are a few we like:Photojojo says go as a black-and-white photo. Paint all visible skin with gray-ish white costume makeup, and accent your lips with black lipstick. Ta-da! Take it one step further by replicating the outfit of a [Read More...]

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A life with many interests: running

Posted by Autumn

Running lowers your cholesterol, increases cardiovascular health, and reduces body fat. But I run for exactly none of these reasons. I run because I stink at meditating.Allow me this quick demonstration:The entire class sits comfortably in Lotus position. Except me, because apparently I’m about as flexible as Han Solo frozen in carbonite. In front of each of us is a tea candle in a pretty glass candleholder. Concentrate on the flame, our instructor says. Clear your mind of everything but it’s [Read More...]

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Fall in love with fall

Posted by Autumn

Fall is easy to spot in places like the Northeast, where the leaves are suddenly painted in scarlet and chartreuse. Even the Southwest has beautiful golden Aspen trees in the fall. But in Florida, fall is more subtle. The only leaves that change are the poison ivy--a beautiful shade of red, but somehow less awe-inspiring than the maples, elms, and birch trees of the Northeast.To spot fall in Florida, you have to be paying attention. Roll down your window during your commute to or from work, and [Read More...]

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A list well-lived

Posted by Autumn

I am a list-person. Lists at work, lists when I study, even lists of supplies when I craft. But I am most famous for my “Things to Get Done” weekend lists. Saturday mornings find me seated at the kitchen table scribbling such items as: Sweep the floors. Laundry. Take dress with broken strap to the tailors. Pay bills. Each of these little chores (and often there are 10 or more for the weekend) gives me a sense of purpose—a roadmap for a productive [Read More...]

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