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Say Hello to the OttLite SanitizingPRO: The Ultimate Health and Wellness Lamp

Posted by Jessica
Our most powerful health and wellness lamp has arrived! Say hello to the OttLite SanitizingPRO! A sanitizing desk lamp with UVC air purifier, the SanitizingPRO uses three sanitizing techniques plus eyestrain-reducing lighting to create a healthier workspace for you.How the SanitizingPRO works to support your health and wellness: Using patented SpectraClean sanitizing technology in the shade, it kills bacteria on surfaces like phones, keyboards and desks With integrated and concealed UVC LEDs in [Read More...]

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WINNER! – Better Homes and Gardens Clean House Awards for Best Sanitizing Light

Posted by Jessica

Better Homes and Gardens selected the OttLite Thrive LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Clock and USB Charging for their 2022 Clean House Awards naming it "Best Sanitizing Light".They said "There are many LED sanitizing lights out there, so we put a few head-to-head to take out the guesswork. When put to the test, this compact light worked best. It also features three brightness settings, an adjustable height, and digital display."The OttLite Thrive Sanitizing Desk Lamp is equipped with patented, [Read More...]

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Gadget Guru Steve Greenberg Chooses OttLite Achieve Sanitizing Lamp for Holiday Media Tour!

Posted by Jessica
The OttLite Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp was chosen by gadget guru and product innovation expert Steve Greenberg for his cross country holiday media tour!! Here's what he had to say:“Now this is the OttLite Achieve Sanitizing Desk Lamp. It uses visible light with a proven patented technology to sanitize your workspace. It’s 100% safe for your skin and for your eyes. And the light actually will kill bacteria on your desk, your laptop, your keyboard, your mouse, even your phone. Another cool [Read More...]

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Top Productivity Lamps for a Focused 2022

Posted by Jessica
Lighting can play an important role in helping you stay focused and productive in the year ahead. OttLite’s next generation ClearSun® LED technology reduces eyestrain by 51% and pairs with productivity-supporting features like wireless charging for your devices. Here are four of our favorite natural daylight productivity lamps that feature innovative technology to help support your success in the new year: OttLite Entice LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. This sleek desk lamp features three [Read More...]

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Dr. Phil Calls the OttLite Thrive "The Coolest Desk Lamp You've Ever Seen"

Posted by Jessica
Being an audience member at the Dr. Phil Show would be so fun! Especially when Dr. Phil gives out some great gifts to each and every audience member. On December 15, 2021 that gift was the OttLite Thrive Sanitizing LED Desk Lamp -- just in time for the holidays! What a great gift. Here's what Dr. Phil had to say about this fun, stylish and sanitizing lamp: “Today you’re all going home with the coolest desk lamp you’ve ever seen. It is the OttLite Thrive Sanitizing LED desk lamp. It features a [Read More...]

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Parade Magazine picks the OttLite Sanitizing Purify Lamp as a great gift for the caregiver in your life

Posted by Jessica
The OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging made Parade Magazine's Gift List for the caregiver in your life.Here's what they said:"This desk lamp from OttLite is designed to reduce eyestrain and also sanitizes your workspace using SpectraClean technology that kills bacteria. Caregivers need to be diligent about safety and sanitizing for their own sake, but also to protect those for whom they provide care. This gift is useful and thoughtful in a unique way, because it considers [Read More...]

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Wellness Lighting to WOW Everyone on Your Gift List

Posted by Jessica
Wellness lighting from OttLite offers a healthier way to see that can benefit everyone on your holiday gift list. Here are our top picks to wow your loved ones with healthy lighting that meets a variety of needs.  For The Germaphobe: OttLite Purify LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. This healthy light is perfect for anyone who appreciates a clean space. Equipped with patented SpectraClean™ visible light disinfection technology, the Purify is part of OttLite’s exclusive line of [Read More...]

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Three Ways to Stress Proof Your Home for a Healthy Holiday Season

Posted by Jessica
It’s normal to feel some stress and anxiety as the holidays approach, but setting up your home environment to minimize stress can help you cope. Here are three things you can do around your house now to help reduce stress and promote a healthy holiday season.  1. Declutter. The holiday season always brings more stuff into our homes. Make space for holiday gifts and décor now to prevent clutter from stressing you out during the holidays.2. Set up your bedroom to support healthy sleep. Getting [Read More...]

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How To Use Light Therapy to Enhance Your Mood

Posted by Jessica
As the days get shorter and darker during the fall and winter seasons, starting your day with light therapy can help you avoid a seasonal drop in mood. Research has shown that exposure to natural daylight causes our brains to release serotonin – an important hormone for mood regulation. Less sunlight during the fall and winter seasons means less serotonin, so adding light therapy into your self-care routine can help increase serotonin levels.  The OttLite ClearSun® LED Light Therapy Lamp is [Read More...]

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Healthy Aging Month: Better Vision Lighting Choices for Aging Eyes

Posted by Jessica
September is Healthy Aging Month, a great time to consider choices you can make to support wellness as you get older -- including how to promote better vision for aging eyes. As eyes age, seeing clearly at close distances can become more challenging. This is a normal change in your eyes’ ability to focus called presbyopia. It’s a common problem among adults over 40 that continues to progress as your eyes age.  Bright natural daylight lighting is an excellent tool to help aging eyes see more [Read More...]

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