Wellness Series Lamps Featured on KGTV

Posted by Marcea
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Looking for a healthy way to celebrate during awards show season? KGTV teamed up with registered dietitian Katie Ferraro to show not only how to eat healthier but also see healthier in the kitchen while you prepare those snacks. Did you know that the OttLite Wellness Series lamps are the only lights that reduce eyestrain by as much as 51%? We always think to take care of our heart, skin and teeth – but don’t forget about your eyes.  3 out of 4 people suffer from daily eyestrain.  Our natural [Read More...]

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Eye Yoga: Exercises to Ease Eyestrain

Posted by Alisha
Go ahead, roll your eyes. It’s actually an eye yoga exercise that’s good for your eyes and a remedy for eyestrain!Eye yoga exercises like eye rolling, stretching and massaging increase circulation to tired, strained eyes to ease eye aches and pains.What is Eyestrain Anyway?3 out of 4 people experience eyestrain daily while doing everyday activities like reading and staring at computer screens and other digital devices. In this digital world, we rely on our eyes to keep us connected, and it takes [Read More...]

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Wellness Series by OttLite - The Healthiest LED Lights

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 With a New Year here, a lot of us are thinking about what we can do to get in better shape. We’re watching what we’re eating, exercising, drinking more water and even meditating to help us feel better. But there’s one body part that’s often forgotten about – the eyes. Eyestrain in a health issue nearly everyone has experienced. Did you know that 3 out of 4 people experience eyestrain every day? If you’ve ever been doing a task or something you enjoy and had to stop due to itchy, burning eyes [Read More...]

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What Inspires Tennille Martinez - Virtual Maven

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(Image courtesy of Tennille Martinez knows something about having a vision. An education administrator by trade, Tennille turned her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and helping others into Ms. Virtual Maven, an online social media marketing business. A firm believer in putting it out there, Tennille shares with us her tips on how to build a vision board to help realize your dreams.  What’s the purpose of a vision board?  Vision boards allow you to turn a dream, wish or hope [Read More...]

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What's Your Sight Animal

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Ever heard the phase ‘eyes like an eagle’? It’s a popular saying because eagles can see 8 times as far as a human can!Many animals have great eyesight. Owls can see in low lights, a mantis shrimp has the most complex vision of any known animal and a chameleon can move its eyes independently of each other.Want to see what animal has eyesight that’s close to yours? Take our What Is Your Sight Animal test and share the results with your friends. Then take a look at our microsite and learn more [Read More...]

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Mixed Media Holiday Gift Tags

Posted by Marcea
Xmas Tags.jpg 
One of the best things about the holidays is giving (and receiving!) gifts. When you’re using a store bought tag though sometimes the space is too small, especially if it’s a group gift. The solution? Make your own gift tags. I was inspired to create these holiday gift tags after taking OttLite Ambassador Marjie Kemper’s Craftsy class on mixed media effects.  In her classes, Marjie shows you how to use paper, stamps, stencils and a variety of other elements to make scrapbook pages, photo pages [Read More...]

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Wellness Series LED Lamps Featured On Philly Morning Show

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Dietitian and wellness expert Carissa Bealert, RDN spoke with WPHL Philadelphia about some great gift ideas for the chef in your life. Included in her list – the OttLite Wellness Series lamps! They’re perfect for reading recipes, adding those small details to your healthy dishes or helping to add more light into your kitchen. Did you know that 3 out of 4 people experience daily eyestrain? The OttLite Wellness Series has a balanced light that helps you see and feel better by reducing eyestrain by [Read More...]

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Thankful Napkins from Flamingo Toes

Posted by Marcea
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(Images courtesy of Ambassador Beverly McCollough is sharing a meaningful and creative way to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Here’s Bev:I try to keep our Thanksgiving table setup pretty simple. I have to cook and since the table will full of yummy food, it’s easier to keep things from getting too crowded on the table. One way to dress up the table is with cloth napkins so to help celebrate the season and keep gratitude top of mind for all of us, I [Read More...]

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New OttLite Wellness Series Featured on NBC's Daytime Talk Show

Posted by Jessica
  Nutritionist and wellness expert Carissa Bealert, RDN talked to NBC's Daytime host Cyndi Edwards about how to be healthy and feel fabulous this fall. She highlighted the OttLite Wellness Series as an important part of overall wellness because the OttLite Wellness Series reduces eyestrain by 51%. That is incredibly helpful to the 75% of people who experience eyestrain daily. Check out our microsite to learn more about this new technology. [Read More...]

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Washi Tape Candles from Crafty Chica

Posted by Marcea
Washi Tape Candles1.png 
Looking for a fun craft to tackle for the upcoming Fall months? OttLite Ambassador Kathy Cano-Murillo, aka Crafty Chica, has a simple DIY craft to turn your ordinary candles into Washi Tape Happiness Candles! Here's Kathy: I became addicted to washi tape and started gathering rolls and rolls in my studio. I especially love the ones with wonderful, uplifting affirmations. After a while I started thinking that if I really love the meanings of the phrases, I should be sharing and showing them off! [Read More...]

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