Glamour Magazine Names OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror as One of the Best

Posted by Jessica
Glamour Magazine named the OttLite Wireless Charging LED Markeup Mirror as one of its 20 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money (and Counter Space). The OttLite mirror was named Best for Multitasking because of the 3x magnification and convenient wireless and USB charging. What they had to say made us smile ... and laugh! Because it's so true:"I don’t think I’ve ever seen my face this close up—and I tweeze my eyebrows every single day," says contributor JacquelineWladis. This [Read More...]

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Tom's Guide Names OttLite as a Best Desk Lamp of 2023

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Ottlite_Pivot Wellness Series Lamp.jpg 
In their article The best desk lamps in 2023, Tom's Guide named the OttLite Dual-Shade LED Desk Lamp the "Besk desk lamp for multitaskers".Here's what they had to say:Why get one desk lamp when you can get two, built into one? The OttLite Dual-Shade LED Desk Lamp offers just that — two prongs of built-in LED lighting with touch and temperature controls shared in by a single base. This way you direct light over two different work areas, like your laptop and paperwork that you're trying to review [Read More...]

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Spring Wellness Lamps to Help You Refresh and Renew

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Are you ready for a spring wellness refresh after a long winter? Using healthy wellness lamps from OttLite can help you welcome the spring season feeling renewed.As we spring forward toward days with more daylight, changing the clocks can leave us feeling fatigued rather than refreshed. To fight spring forward fatigue, start your day with natural daylight. It helps you feel more energetic and awake by stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain. When the time change brings dark [Read More...]

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These LED Magnifier Lamps are Helpful Low Vision Aids

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2-in-1 Magnifier Table_Lamp.jpg 
February is Low Vision Awareness Month – a time to consider what we can do to preserve and make the most of our sight. Millions of older adults are affected by low vision, which means they have difficulty seeing even with regular glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery.Low vision can make it hard to do things you enjoy like reading, crafting and cooking. However, a vision rehabilitation plan designed by a specialist and low vision aids can help you maximize your remaining sight.With [Read More...]

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Better Homes & Gardens Names OttLite Power Up Best Lamp with Wireless Charging

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The OttLite Power Up LED Desk Lamp was featured in the Better Homes & Gardens article: "The 12 Best Desk Lamps of 2023 for Your Home". Here's what they had to say about this powerful lamp from OttLite:"The best desk lamps come with wireless charging capabilities, like this pick from OttLite. Thanks to a wireless charging base, you can simply place your phone on the lamp to recharge while you get some work done. Plus, the brand’s proprietary ClearSun LED technology helps reduce eye strain, which [Read More...]

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Support Winter Wellness with These Healthy Lamps

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Do you have a winter wellness routine? As cold, dark days come along at the same time as cold and flu season, winter is a crucial time to be proactive about health and wellness. Along with staying active and eating healthy foods, you can support winter wellness by using healthy lighting from OttLite.If the winter blues get you down, the OttLite ClearSun® LED Light Therapy Lamp can give you a pick-me-up. Light therapy has been shown to help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) [Read More...]

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Holiday Gift Guide Alert: See the OttLite SanitizingPRO on Morning Shows Coast to Coast!

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Gadget Guru and product expert Steve Greenberg chose the OttLite SanitizingPRO LED Desk Lamp with UVC Air Purifier for his latest Holiday Gift Guide Media Tour! If you didn't catch it on your favorite morning show, check out the video below.Did you know that phones are covered in germs? And desks have been shown to have 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Yikes! Give the gift of a cleaner, more sanitized workspace with the OttLite SanitizingPRO.  A sanitizing desk lamp with built-in HEPA [Read More...]

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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts: Experts Recommend These Sanitizing Lamps

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Looking for thoughtful and practical holiday gifts to give? Experts like House Beautiful and Better Homes & Gardens recommend sanitizing lamps from the OttLite Wellness Series. Equipped with patented, proven SpectraClean™ LED technology, OttLite’s exclusive sanitizing lamps are designed to kill potentially harmful bacteria like those commonly found on cell phones and desks.Named the No.1 gift to give your boss by House Beautiful, the OttLite Enhance LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp is a useful gift that [Read More...]

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Fight Fall Fatigue with Light Therapy

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Darker days are on the way as we get ready for the “fall back” time change. While you may be excited to sneak in an extra hour of sleep when the clocks fall back, you could feel extra groggy on Monday morning. The fall back time change can cause significant fatigue as it disrupts your circadian rhythm — your body’s internal clock.To prepare your body for the time change and reduce fall fatigue, gradually shift your sleep schedule for the days leading up to the time change. Aim to go to sleep 15 [Read More...]

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Find the Best Wireless Charging Lamp for Your Desk

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A wireless charging lamp offers a convenient way to keep your smartphone powered up while reducing cord clutter in your workspace. To provide even more benefit, a wireless charging lamp from the OttLite Wellness Series lights your desk with ClearSun® LED technology, proven to reduce eyestrain by 51%. Specially designed to help you see healthier and support your productivity, a wireless charging lamp from the OttLite Wellness Series is packed with helpful features. Here are three of our favorites [Read More...]

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