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13 Watt Replacement Tube - Magnetic Ballast

See Clearly and Comfortably - PL Bulb Type A - Magnetic Ballast
The older 13 Watt Replacement Tube is for lamps with a magnetic ballast. To keep it simple, we'll call this tube
Option 1. The newer kind of tube is used with lamps that have an electronic ballast. We'll call them Option 2.
How do you tell the difference? Glad you asked! We've put together this handy-dandy guide to help:

1. When did you buy your lamp?
Before January 2008 → Option 1.

After January 2008 ? See Question 2.

2. Is there an “E” on your tube, lamp or bulb box? Note that there are three places the “E” might appear.
Yes? → Option 2.

No? → Option 1.

Still not sure? Please contact our customer service at 800-842-8848. They’ll be delighted to help!

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