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20 Watt Plant Growth Bulb 10-pk Bundle

You Can Fool Mother Nature
Developed by Garden Club of America award-winner, Dr. John Ott, OttLite’s Plant Growth lighting brings the benefits of natural daylight to your indoor plants. Your potted palms will be pretty, your Peace Lilies will be lovely, and your orchids will be awesome!

The output of a 20 watt OttLite bulb is roughly equivalent to that of a 75 watt incandescent bulb. Think of all that energy you’re not paying for! What will you do with that extra change? How about checking out the local gardening shop for some new seeds, bulbs, or plants?

Here’s what you get: Here’s what it replaces: (10) 20 Watt Plant Growth bulbs (10) Incandescent 75 watt bulbs

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