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At OttLite, our mission is to help people enjoy life to the fullest — so our heroes are people who do just that.

Our rockstars come from all different walks of life; they love different things; but every day they’re relentlessly pursuing their passions, and we’re so proud to help them do that.

This is our way of celebrating them.

Don Barry - CEO & President of OttLite
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Nikki’s Story
Nikki Ferraro is a busy woman. Hair stylist and salon owner by day, chanteuse by night, artist… well, all the time. Nikki is the lead singer in a six-piece world-beat fusion band called d’Visitors.

“I joined my first band — String Dance — when I was 14. It was just me and my brother. Actually, my brother started writing music in college and I just kept begging him: ‘Let me write to this.’ I provided the lyrics and the vocal melody.”

Nikki definitely comes from a musical background. “My father was in a 6-piece Motown band. So I guess my musical education has some soul roots. But between my dad, church choir, chorus, our huge family collection of records — music was all around me. Listening, singing, writing… music’s always been a huge part of my life.”

For Nikki, her art is largely intuitive. “I can start with something as simple as a rhythm, and in it, hear melodies, verses, choruses. I might dream a song and wake up humming it. Music is my ultimate creative outlet.”

But Nikki’s artistic streak isn’t limited to her musical talents. She also creates jewelry, which she sells in her salon.

“I’ve been working in wire sculpture for about 10 years. But the pivotal moment for me happened about 8 years ago. I was out walking my dog, and I came upon this mass of wire. It was bundled in a very dull grey sheath but if you peeled back that sheath, inside was wire of all these different colors. I was so inspired by it, I took it home to make necklaces out of it. I started buying beads and cool pendants as ornaments… and I’m still creating jewelry today. In fact, I still have some of that original wire.” What’s next for Nikki? Well in addition to her roles of wife and mother to an adorable 3-year-old, d’Visitors is heading into studio to record another album. How does she find time to do it all? “I guess I just have a creative mind,” she laughs. “There’s just so much I love to do.”
Nikki’s Favorite OttLite Products
“OttLites are the only lights in my salon. I used to take my clients outside to make sure they were happy with their highlights or color — now I’ve got the best indoor lighting system on the market, and they can see their color accurately, without having to step outside.”
-Nikki Ferraro
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