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And we love answering them! (It makes us feel smart.) If you want to know what makes an OttLite so special or where you can get your hands on our products, we've got you covered. Below is a list of the most oft-asked questions and our cleverest responses.

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What makes OttLite Lighting unique?

Not all lighting is created equal. Click here to see the OttLite Difference. Some light wavelengths let you see vibrant colors. But, they emit a bright, glaring light. The eye muscles react by squinting. Other wavelengths let you see with high contrast – the edges of objects are incredibly clear. Ideal for text and fine details. The downside is you lose the color fidelity.

OttLite gives you the best of both worlds with its unique 508 Technology™ – a precise balance of contrast and brightness. Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources cause. Reading is easier, seeing is more comfortable. Plus, colors are vibrant and details are incredibly clear.

This technology is based on 40 years of research by photobiologist and pioneer in light research Dr. John Nash Ott. Dr. Ott discovered the effects specific wavelengths of natural light have on all living things. Known as the father of time-lapse photography, Dr. Ott developed the first OttLite product while filming "The Secrets of Life" Series for the Walt Disney Company and helped Disney animators transform an ordinary pumpkin into Cinderella's magical carriage..

What makes OttLite Lighting unique?

Watch these videos for some helpful tips!

Tube Insertion & Removal 18W Floor Lamp
Tube Insertion & Removal Task Lamp
Tube Insertion & Removal Wing Shade Lamp
Bulb insertion and removal of Lexington and Captiva lamps

How long do the bulbs and tubes last?

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient OttLite bulbs are rated to last up to 10,000 hours--more than 10x longer than a standard light bulb!


How do I assemble my lamp?

Our lamps come with instructions showing the parts included with your lamp and a detailed explanation of the assembly process. If the instructions aren't included or if you have questions, please contact the customer service department at 800.842.8848 Option 2. They'll be delighted to help!


My lamp is not working correctly, how can I troubleshoot the problem?

Please try the following: 1. Make sure the bulb is inserted into the socket properly. When inserting the bulb you will hear at least 2 clicks. 2. If after you hear the second click the lamp still does not work, please try a different outlet. 3. If the above actions do not fix the problem, please contact customer service at 800-842-8848 or e-mail at Please note: If you are returning your OttLite lamp to us (not to a retail store), an OttLite customer service representative will give you a return merchandise authorization number (RMA #) and the return address. This RMA # is required for all returns to OttLite Technology.


Can I use an OttLite Lamp on a dimmer?

OttLite lighting is not dimmable.


How does the light output of an OttLite bulb compare to an incandescent bulb?

A 13 watt OttLite bulb has an approximate light output comparable to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. An 18 watt OttLite bulb has an approximate light output comparable to a 75 watt incandescent bulb.
CFL bulbs, like OttLite bulbs, use about a quarter of the amount of energy as their incandescent counterparts, which means you'll save on your energy bill! In fact, most incandescent light bulbs waste about 98% of the power they consume in heat. Energy-efficient OttLite lighting is specially formulated to be like natural daylight indoors, to help you do what you love longer while saving you money and the planet. Pretty impressive, huh?


Does my OttLite lamp come with a warranty?

All OttLite products come with a two-year limited warranty on fixtures and a one-year limited warranty on tubes and bulbs The warranty excludes clearance and "as is" marked items. You will find a copy of this warranty in the box with your lamp. You can register your product here

Valid ony in the contiguous United States.


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Return Policy

We are proud to offer a 30-day trial for all OttLite lamps sold through OttLite and Customers may return lamps within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the product price. Please note that initial or return shipping and handling costs will not be refunded.

All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. To obtain an RMA contact Customer Service at 800-842-8848 (option 2).

Items returned within the first 120 days after purchase are subject to a the following restocking fees:
- Return period 45-60 days = 25% restocking fee
- Return period 61-90 days = 35% restocking fee
- Return period 91-120 days = 45% restocking fee

*** No refund will be issued after 120 days. ***



Why is mercury used in your product?

Mercury is the "catalyst" of the fluorescent lighting process. All fluorescent tubes contain some mercury because it is an essential part of the fluorescence process. It's kind of like electricity passing through fresh water or salt water. Pure water is a very poor conductor of electricity. But add a little salt to the water and…zap! In the same manner mercury in a fluorescent tube is like salt in water. The fluorescent tube is filled with an inert gas, which does not conduct, but add a little mercury and it will conduct electricity incredibly efficiently.


Are broken bulbs hazardous?

The bulbs contain inert gases and approximately 1.5mg. (10w linear) to 10mg (40w linear) of mercury (about the size of the period at the end of this sentence). The powder seen in and around a broken tube is from the phosphors, most of which remains stuck to the glass. The mercury mostly remains in a liquid state embedded in the phosphors. Exposure from a single bulb is well below OSHA established exposure levels. But you should still clean up using good safety practices. Sweep up the glass and powder then wipe the area with a disposable moist cloth. DO NOT VACUUM, vacuuming will vaporize the mercury.


What about disposal and clean up?

OttLite products comply with all EPA/Government regulations concerning the disposal and clean up of CFL bulbs containing mercury. Each state may handle the disposal and clean up of CFL type bulbs in a different manner. Check with your local government, state or county for accurate and up to date information before disposing of any CFL type bulb or material used to clean up broken material. You can also visit for additional information.

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