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HD Lights

OttLite HD Lights do for painting and crafting what HDTV does for TV – you’ll enjoy enhanced resolution for crisp, clear images. Plus, the colors are vibrant and incredibly accurate. Your eyes are going to love it!

Painting lighting has to be right!
Subtle color changes, delicate details, careful strokes – painting requires an artful eye and OttLite HD Lights!  When it comes to painting lighting, inventor of the One Stroke Painting technique Donna Dewberry trusts OttLite HD Lights because she knows she’ll be able to select and blend paint colors with ease. Donna makes learning to paint easy with her step-by-step instructions and easy to follow technique. 

Donna can be seen on the PBS and HSN television networks teaching her One Stroke technique to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

“Whether I'm doing intricate detail work or sewing….I'm using the OttLite lamp and loving it. You should, too.”
Donna Dewberry, Internationally Known Painter, Teacher, Quilting Expert

To see Donna in action, click here

Here’s OttLite HD Lights work:
Conventional lighting is generally based on photopic lumens (brightness) causing the eye to strain and squint in order to endure the heat, glare and distortion emitted. OttLite High Definition lighting is a special blend of scotopic and photopic lumens that improves image and detail resolution and provides superior color rendering.  The low heat, low glare High Definition Lighting illumination helps reduce eyestrain.

Which HD Lights are Right for Me?
OttLite High Definition Lighting comes in a variety of styles to fit your life. 

Dedicated Studio – Choose an OttLite floor lamp with flexible neck so you can easily direct the light over your work.  (24W Craft Plus Floor Lamp).  The Table Lamp and Wide Area Craft Lamp are perfect for painting at a desk.

If you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary, the Vero Table Lamp is for you!

Paint on the Go – If you enjoy going to classes to paint, bring along an OttLite Battery Task Lamp.

All Over the House – If your painting studio moves from coffee table to kitchen table, OttLite Task HD lights are perfect for you.