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The OttLite Difference

At OttLite, we aspire to help you Enjoy Life in HD. Whether you love to read, sew, scrapbook or work on the computer, OttLite Illumination™ makes it easier and more comfortable to perform all your favorite tasks. It's a difference you'll notice with more than just your eyes.

Touted by Oprah Winfrey's O at Home magazine, The Ladies' Home Journal, AARP Bulletin and more, OttLite's precise balance of brightness and contrast creates the perfect environment for doing what you love…longer and better. The eye can focus better without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources cause. Colors are true to life. Seeing is easier. Reading is more comfortable. Once you experience the OttLite difference, nothing else will compare to life in HD.

Seeing is believing
The image above is 100% accurate and has not been altered to enhance the difference — it is truly that drastic. Thanks to our innovative technology, OttLite will make sure you see everything more clearly.

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A difference you'll notice every day
OttLite is about more than seeing with clarity, it's about the ability to Enjoy Life in HD. We hear countless stories from our customers about the incredible differences OttLite has made in their lives. Click here to read these stories, and share your own.

Expertly engineered for the best experience
OttLite lighting systems are expertly engineered to combine cutting edge lighting technology with features such as articulating shafts, adjustable shades and achromatic coating to best deliver OttLite's high-contrast, low-glare technology precisely where you need it.