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Plant Growth Bulbs

OttLite Technology was one of the first to provide full-spectrum plant growth bulbs that allow the healthy growth of plants indoors.

Dr. John Ott, founder and inventor of OttLite light bulbs, researched different wavelengths of light and the effect they have on plant growth and health. His pioneering work is the basis for OttLite lighting – full spectrum lighting specially engineered with a precise balance of contrast and brightness. Using OttLite’s plant growth bulbs is like bringing the natural daylight indoors. Today, OttLite has developed specially designed lamps equipped with OttLite’s indoor plant lights.

Lights for Plant Growth
The Walt Disney Company asked Dr. Ott to record the growth of a pumpkin through time-lapse photography. Animators would use this footage to draw Cinderella's magical carriage. Dr. Ott found that with some light bulbs, male plants grew healthy, but not females. After adjusting the lighting, females grew, but no males. Following several experiments, Dr. Ott discovered that plant growth bulbs needed a full spectrum of light wavelengths to successfully grow the pumpkin indoors.

Dr. Ott’s work with plant growth bulbs earned him several awards from horticulturalist organizations. Below is a list of some of his related awards:

  • Men’s Garden Club of America, Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit for development of time-lapse photography of plants and effects of light on plants
  • Garden Club of New Jersey, Gold Medal for plant development
  • American Horticultural Council Citation for contributions in broadening the knowledge of gardeners and plant scientists

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