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Spectrum Lighting

Full Spectrum Lighting and the Eye

OttLite goes beyond full spectrum lighting with our precise balance of light wavelengths engineered to make seeing easier and more comfortable. 

Must like the daylight spectrum light from the sun, full spectrum lighting contains all the visible wavelengths of light in the spectrum.  In school we learn it as the rainbow – ROY G BIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. 

To understand how OttLite’s full spectrum lighting works, let’s take a look at the eye:

Think of the eye like a camera.  The eye is a light sensing system with a photoreceptive medium like the film (the retina).  The pupil lets the visible wavelengths of light in like the aperture of a camera.  Just like with a camera, focus is important – the smaller the pupil, the better the focus.

The retina (think film) has two types of photoreceptors – cones and rods.  These photoreceptors send signals to the brain creating the “picture” that your eye sees.  Cones are associated with color vision and photopic lumens.  Rods are associated with night vision, contrast and scotopic lumens.

Usually when people want to see better, they go for a brighter light – higher wattage. Excessive brightness, associated with photopic lumens, stimulates the cones. The pupil will focus under these conditions, but the eye squints and strains due to glare and light intensity. This can lead to headaches.  Not to mention the discomfort of a reading under a hot bulb.

OttLite full spectrum lighting takes a different approach.  Instead of depending on brightness/photopic lumens to stimulate the pupil for better focus, OttLite uses a precise balance of photopic and scotopic lumens that stimulate the pupil and allow the eye to be relaxed. There is less glare and, therefore, reduced eyestrain and headaches. 

Now you can read and see with ease under OttLite’s unique full spectrum lighting.