Road Trip Notebook

Posted by Autumn

Summer is fast approaching! Some of my dearest summer vacation memories are of the annual road trips my mother and I took together. We drove from Florida to Vermont to spend a week with my grandparents. We delighted in small towns, back roads, and all the adventures a good road trip can bring. I used to tape postcards of each state into my journal and kept a detailed log of what roads we took, where we ate and shopped, and what sights we saw.

When I saw this project on Dollar Store Crafts, I  was transported back to those summer trips. This road map journal would make a perfect keepsake from a summer vacation.

Woven Map Notebook
from Dollar Store Crafts / Ruby Murrays Musing 

What You Need:
Maps (you'll need at least 2)
Composition book
Scotch tape
Double-sided tape

1.  So that you can read the name places you'll want one map piece to have horizontal strips and one to have vertical strips

2. Mark up strips on the opposite side you want to use. Measure strips about  1/2 inch wide and long enough to wrap around a mini composition book from top to bottom.

3. Hold down the horizontal strips down with cans or anything heavy. Weave in the vertical strips.

4. When you've woven enough to cover the book front and back, add some tape to the bottom of the woven pieces leaving enough of the tape to be able to fold over and seal the ends together.

5. Repeat for the tops and sides. You should now have a piece of woven map 'fabric.'

6. Layer double-sided tape to completely cover the front and back, making sure the spine has tape adhered to it also.

7. Lay the back of the book on the woven 'fabric' and take the woven piece and wrap it around the book pressing down to make sure it sticks.

8. Trim around the edges. After trimming you will have some loose pieces that stick up, glue them down then put notebook under a pile of books to make sure all the pieces properly stuck to the cover.


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