Fourth of July Garland

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This patriotic decoration comes from Craft. Most of the materials can be found around the house or at your local craft store. Have fun and enjoy the holiday!

Fourth of July Garland
How-to photos available at Craft 

You Will Need
Red, white, and blue crepe paper streamers
Heavy-duty glue stick
White glue
Red acrylic paint
Painter's tape
Pen or pencil
18-20 cupcake liners
18-20 4" x 6" index cards
Sewing machine


Step 1: Prep your index cards by gluing them together in pairs, using your glue stick. If they are line, stick them together line-side facing the same way. Nine or ten finished cards make about a  six-foot garland.

Step 2: Set up a happy paint-friendly workspace to paint up your cards. Use strips of painter's tape on each card to create stripes, then paint the cards red.

Step 3:  Once the paint dries, carefully peel tape off to reveal a swatch of red and white stripes.

Step 4: Create a scalloped pattern by folding an extra index card into thirds and then sketching a curved shape at the edge. Trim with scissors and open it up.

Step 5: Plop your pattern atop the backside of one of your painted cards and trace the scalloped bottom. Cut along the line you traced, and and then repeat this process for each card.

Step 6: Roll out a seven-foot length (more or less if you choose) of white crepe paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Use the glue stick to glue the top of each painted card between the two layers of the folded crepe paper, placing them about 5"- 6" apart. Create a hanging loop at each end of your garland by gluing the ends of the crepe paper into a loop.

Step 7: Roll out additional lengths of crepe paper in red and blue and bring the whole party to your sewing machine. Stack the colors while keeping the card-festooned strip on top. Use a long zig-zag stitch and slowly stitch through all your layers from one end to the other. It may take a moment to get the hang of it, but move slowly and you'll be fine.

Step 8: To create the "firework bursts," gather up your cupcake liners. Take one liner and turn it inside out, and then crumple the second liner and glue it to the inside of the first with white glue. Repeat until you have 9 or 10 bursts. Glue one cupcake-liner burst atop each painted-card flag and allow to dry.

Step 9: Hang in a happy (non-windy) place. Enjoy them indoors or outside for the perfect Fourth of July picnic decoration.

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